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Look at the speculation of foreign exchange skills to set a stop loss

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1. In the imp ForexrebateforExnesstant support or res Forex rebate for Exnesstance level was broken after the stop forexrebates This is the most commonly used mode of operation forexcashrebate the real world investors in cashback forex position stop loss out of the proportion is very high However, careful analysis of foreign exchange trends in domestic and foreign charts can be found in the foreign exchange cashbackforexexness, there will often be resistance or support position is broken after the price trend reversal pattern Important resistance or support position are the following (1) large speculative funds can predict the market investors approximate stop-loss price they even deliberately in certain price levels a large number of aggregated transactions, forming the illusion of strong support or resistance, and then (2) trend lines, averaging system, the golden mean, etc. provide support or resistance position itself is more subjective, lack of trustworthy basis and foundation, the accuracy rate is very low, in these positions to set up a stop-loss point is especially like neck waiting to die 2. absolute amount of loss after the degree of stop loss At present, in foreign countries this is more excellent trader The main point of the stop-loss method is to set up the maximum loss of funds into the part, generally 5%-20% of the funds occupied, but also the absolute amount of funds occupied, such as 100 yuan per hand once the loss amount is reached, no matter what price level immediately stop loss from the field Using this stop-loss method, we must pay attention to the following two points: (1) different varieties or different operating time periods to use different The advantages of this stop-loss method are obvious: (1) highlights the principle of money management foreign experience shows that good traders do not lie in how to analyze the market but in how to manage money (2) has the advantage of probability, the longer the operating time the more obvious the advantage (3) the stop-loss position away from ordinary investors, to prevent the first Stop-loss position set by the market risk Use this stop-loss method, you need to do a lot of statistical and analytical work to determine the operating strategy, to find the best stop-loss amount suitable for their own operating style 3. Some of the best foreign traders also often use this type of approach The specific use of the method is: when your position part of the loss, as long as you can still afford it, you can hold your part, otherwise immediately stop loss out of the market, even if you are just established positions The author believes that this method is suitable for same-day short term trading, but also suitable for the market has a lot of experience in the trader, while the novice in the use of the high and low levels are often The main basis for using this approach is that when you establish a position, if you feel very uncomfortable, it is often because there is some kind of appearance in the market that you did not expect, although it may be because of short-term trading you can not analyze too much information, or may be due to other reasons and you are temporarily unaware, but the long-term trading makes you feel the risk of the market, then you should immediately leave the market Watch and wait