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Market behavior analysis - trend trading techniques to improve

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Many people m Forex rebate for Exnesstakenly believe that technical analysis is to analyze the law of cashbackforexexness changes, forexcashrebate I would say that the purpose and goal of technical analysis is to determ cashback forexe the forexrebates behavior of course, price changes are the performance of market behavior, there is no doubt that some price increases are ForexrebateforExness dealer behavior market behavior can be divided into two aspects: one is the price change, but the dealer and retail buying and selling behavior this seems very simple, but it is not because few people have thought about such important questions: 1, is not all the price rise is the banker in buying, is not all the price decline is the banker in selling?  2, retail investors are not all buying and selling at the same time?  3, the dealer is not able to sell to the highest, buy to the lowest?  4, how many times does the dealer open a position in a market 5, retail investors will stop loss, the dealer will stop loss?  6, according to the above questions, if the dealer is not able to short to the highest point, then the dealer does not only open a position once, then the dealer will add positions against the market, then the dealer will stop loss?  7, a moment retail investors and bankers are doing?  When entering the thinking of these questions to the time, all the technical analysis will be integrated to judge, through the price pattern When judging these questions through the change in pattern will enter the market behavior analysis stage The following will introduce the main market behavior Market behavior mainly has the following key words: a test price change is not necessarily the market, but by the test to adjust the market test constitutes a test alone because he Has microscopic characteristics, expressed in 1 minute and 5 minutes inside when a new high or a new low appears, it constitutes a test General people can find a reasonable opening point through learning, but the study of the closing point is a mandatory course of study for masters to advance and the study of the test is to find the best technique to close the position Take the euro as an example, a test is often about 20 points, not more than 30 points test in the form Therefore, the test and adjustment are closely related, and it is difficult to judge the difference between the test and adjustment technically rigid, almost all kinds of analysis techniques need to be integrated judgment The test is actually the most important signal, for example, if someone wants to disrupt the rice market, he may knock down the price of rice very low, but he can not last long small stores 1 hour, big stores half a day, supermarkets can stick to a day? You can reduce the price in the morning, you can reduce the price at 21:00 in the evening, because this time the purchase of a small amount so that the analysis will enter the analysis of time and space Second, the market when we say that the market is generally from the trend start point after 50 points of price changes on average up to the intra-day market is generally about 80 points Third, the convergence market when most of the convergence in the same direction of buying and selling clear when the form of performance for a clear clean Short time period chart mainly form the buyers market and sellers market Four, price divergence when buyers and sellers diverge, the pattern is manifested as a short period inside the test fluctuations of about 20 points may slowly rise or slowly fall and in fact there are several cases one is the dealer buying retail selling divergence, the second is the dealer selling retail buying divergence can be seen from this pattern to determine which is not difficult Five, induce more and Induced short refers specifically to the dealers seductive behavior this market behavior often has the following characteristics to induce more for example: constantly sweeping the short single stop loss, the price is constantly raised but the new high are very limited, the new low constantly raised but also very limited, constantly tempted to open more single, but more single and often very limited profit, and hovering on the profit and loss line and no stop signal Six, observation refers specifically to when the dealer finished building positions, there will be a small A period of market light period of about 25 minutes, nothing moving observation and testing is often very close to the price in a small trend breakthrough point to stay This is the dealer in the test, whether there are still retail investors did not open positions to see what they open positions when to confirm that there is no reverse and a large number of downward single, the dealer began to go his market Therefore, a good analysis is not entirely based on the price trend, but to match the Time and space such as this makes the market behavior analysis: Recently the euro in the high level of horizontal trading after a small new high of 20 points, the formation of a daily level test, the emergence of price divergence, multi-air confrontation with signs of more than induced, short-term support performance is solid non-farm if you can not create a new market (40 points above the high), will test the 4H support below or: the pound after a round of down market reached the 4H support position. Here after testing the market is in a state of adjustment, should observe the market reaction Therefore, the best opening point in addition to the trend into the field is to test the point along the daily direction of the single and the best closing point is in the large cycle trend top near the small cycle price bubble and test phase It is worth noting that the conclusion of the market behavior analysis is sometimes contrary to the trend theory and all other pattern analysis theory The root of this is that not The root of this is that not all price increases are sellers markets, and not all price decreases are sellers markets There is a difference in magnitude and speed to study this price and buy-sell divergence is the goal of market behavior analysis because we want to adjust speculative single direction as early as possible Each price pattern analysis should be coupled with market behavior analysis The main market behaviors are 1, short positions 2, entry 3, increase positions 4, close positions with profit (reduce positions and 5, stop-loss closure (profit stop and loss stop) in some important position to do the above classification of the market and try to determine which category the current operation belongs to Many people can also slowly profit but, technically no breakthrough progress market behavior analysis, is the direction of advancement
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