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MQL4OrderSelect function instructions

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OrderSelect()   cashback forex definition bool  OrderSelect(  int    index,          //indexor Forex rebate for Exnessticket  int    select,      nbsp;       //flag  int    pool=MODE_TRADES   //mode  );& nbsp;Copy the code OrderSelect()  Function parameter description index  -order index or order forexcashrebate, which depends on the 2nd parameter select-select mode can be any of the following values:    & nbsp;  SELECT_BY_POS- by order index i.e. order serial number (for position forexrebates and pending orders are in order of order of ForexrebateforExness, for closed h cashbackforexexnesstorical orders are in order of time of closing)       SELECT_BY_TICKET- By order number (by order number, which is the order number assigned by the MT4 software when the order is placed) POOL  - optional order index When SELECT_BY_POS parameter is selected, it can be any of the following values:      MODE_TRADES( default)-from the transaction of the order (open and pending orders),       MODE_HISTORY-from the history of the order (closed or canceled orders)  copy code OrderSelect()  function return value this function selects an order, waiting to do further processing if the function succeeds, return TRUE, if the function fails, return FALSE want to get detailed error information, you must call GetLastError () function Note If the order number selected by the order, pool parameters should be ignored this order number is its unique identifier to find the list of selected orders. must analyze the order time if the order time is 0, it means that the order for the market has been filled or has been issued pending orders we can distinguish from the order type has been filled orders and pending orders if the order closing time is not equal to 0, the order is a closed order, or a pending order has been cancelled function example  if( OrderSelect(12470,SELECT_BY_TICKET)==true)  {   Print(order#12470openpriceis,OrderOpenPrice());& nbsp;   Print(order#12470closepriceis,OrderClosePrice());   }  else  Print( OrderSelectreturnedtheerrorof,GetLastError()); Copy the code