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My forex trading system to share want to get rich overnight do not look!

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written be cashbackforexexnesse, ForexrebateforExness forexcashrebate be revealed are mosaic, can understand how much depends on your perception aga cashback forex, do not presume to use my forexrebates system to save your miserable trading life not to establish the correct trading concept in the first place, only thinking about bringing a successful technology to get rich people, I have seen a lot, with all due respect, to this day did not see any successful out of the trading quagmire in pursuit of rapid wealth, profitable manipulation People can close the web page, there is no what you want, delayed a minute of your life time, deeply sorry, but not responsible for this minute of the relevant payout reiterate the trading concept: never let their current money loss a Forex rebate for Exness, become the entire trading cycle, the most serious loss a single Similarly, never let their current money a single, become the entire trading cycle, the most thin profit a single with Position management for the most reasonable margin control, never try to a single fixed "win or lose", because the market norm is often a single fixed "negative", you read that right, I have hardly seen fixed "win "The following two screenshots, one reflects the performance of the technical level, the other reflects the performance of position management and profit and loss as shown in the chart above, after removing the k-line can perfectly avoid the trap of the market forecast mentality (learn forex forex trader with two averages to regain the development of the trend dynamics The two SMAs can be used in the following way: to meet the golden fork, the minimum position of more than one single entry if the next dead fork appears, the current single loss, that is, the market does not rise in accordance with the signal of the golden fork, then stop loss out of the market stop loss within three seconds, add positions According to the signal of a dead fork short single entry, until the next golden fork when the field if this single short single is a profitable single, then stop out to close the position and the next single gold fork single back to the original minimum position to make more entry if the previous short single continue to stop loss, then the next single single more single entry again to do more, until the stop gain single appear, as a cycle of adding positions as to how effective this average crossover cycle to add positions system, please see The following chart we can visually see all the current February single, in addition to the first single was screenshot range restrictions, here to explain, February 3 is the first single transaction since the Lunar New Year, profit 1910 U.S. dollars from February 14, Valentines Day began four consecutive transactions are loss single, but because of the adherence to the strategy of stop-loss plus position, in February 20, the day of the stop-gain single, the position therefore Then five consecutive transactions are all stop-gain single, so the position is the initial minimum position (learn forex forex trader and then two single loss at the end of the month, basically a month of ten or so single transactions clearly listed in front of you see As for the use of mosaic, do the following points to explain: position management after three iterations of upgrading, has been perfect Do the risk control, but because it involves the entire trading system core money management, so can not be released for free, please forgive me As for the two averages in Figure 1 time cycle settings, I do not say because this set of laws suitable for my own trading rhythm, and can not adapt to others, especially not for traders with ulterior motives, after all, according to my so single, only a dozen transactions a month down, you The companys boss or superiors will certainly let you go away my trading system is not suitable for brush single, so do not presume to move directly to use a point needs to be stated here, any want through my free release trading system to save their own trading chaos, do not have delusions of grandeur can be released I have released, if you from the above trading system summed up suitable for their own technical indicators, time period, and position If you conclude from the above trading system suitable for your own technical indicators, time period, and position management methods, and willing to invest energy for a long time to implement down, that is your personal creation, I am here to congratulate you first if we do not agree on the concept, you only think about getting rich quickly, sorry ...... my system annual return of up to 20% to 30% between may not really meet your desire, here to say sorry to you
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