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Quickly improve forex trading technology

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in the foreign exchange market our basic skills is technology, with mature technology can create extraordinary results quickly improve forex trading technology: a, must learn the basic theoretical knowledge, terminology, underst Forex rebate for Exnessing to understand on the line; two, 3 major technical ForexrebateforExness system: the average system (5 forexcashrebate, 10 days, 20 days, 30 days, 60 days, 120 days, average (K-line system (K-line combination classification, K-line structure, K-line method of warf cashbackforexexness, cashback forex.), volume system (volume trends, volume driven popularity, time chart corresponding to the volume changes, volume warfare, etc.) Third, the study of technical indicators: retail investors must be familiar with a few important technical indicators, can not be too much, but must learn a few important familiar technical indicators; for example (KDJ indicators, MACD indicators, BOLL indicators, CCI indicators, BBI indicators; ASI indicators, etc.) as long as they are proficient in a few on the line, not too many; fourth, learn the structure and trend analysis, this is relatively demanding, precise analysis of the structure, focusing on the grasp of the key points; trend analysis, including the entire trend and small trends, sub-trends, etc. should be Fifth, the learning of the market: this is our daily watch and stare at the plate must have the basic skills, the market can help you in the first time to find the back will appear after the hot spots of abnormal movements market can respond to the fastest and most direct plate information, the market analysis for the short term and swing are very important usually pay more attention to a few points: watch and stare at the plate to learn to see the action of the main force, whether there are abnormal movements such as a sudden release of volume suddenly There are strange movements, or see the main force pressure single and take over are very obvious, daily observation of the trend of the time chart, familiar with the operating habits of the main force, familiar with the main forces modus operandi, etc. These are slowly accumulated in the process of watching and staring at the plate, it is impossible to learn an hour a day