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Replay Lin Guangmao from 6 million to 2 billion trading the whole process (with illustrations) see how the trading big brother is thinking

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L cashbackforexexness Guangmao known as the cotton futures predator screen name: thick soup wild man, known as the cotton futures predator in 2010 a wave can be described as a wave of cotton market, creating a legend from a floating loss of 60% to 2 billion Lin Guangmaos trading Forex rebate for Exness actually forexrebates complicated, 28,000 yuan principal with a months time Growth to 150,000 yuan, ForexrebateforExness then used six months to reach 6 million yuan, after entering a leap stage from 6 million with a year to 1.3 billion yuan, and then backhanded short with 100 million earned 700 million to complete the legendary transaction of 28,000 yuan to 2 billion   Lin Guangmaos confession: Lin Guangmao: 2010 global cotton prices skyrocketed, forexcashrebate started buying from 16600 until the final increase in positions to 30,000 lots Limit (two main contracts, each contract limited to a single customer 15000 lots), and in the price plunge two days before all closed positions, four months profit 220 times, sweeping the vast majority of long profits, (I) is no longer who the trader   a, cotton expected decline appeared (2011-02-0520:04:59) foreign cotton of these two trading days appeared more A large decline, basically the same as expected, I hope the market and the last rise, from the domestic fundamentals, should be there before I short, the higher the better Two, cotton topping probability of more than 90% (2011-02-1911:02:40) last night, the foreign cotton experienced by the process of stopping to stop, the long yin filling the top in cotton the probability of topping is very high, and from Fundamental analysis of the foreign markets strength is also sure to come to an end domestic trend key to see the hands of a large number of more than one single and floating surplus of the main more than one approach I have the only sure thing is that the more must be shipped out, the slower he is out, the greater my chances Three, the date: calm, observe, the current decline in cotton I have no initiative (2011-02-2208:56:18) yesterday cotton in anticipation in a sharp fall, my 20,000 tons of short single, floating win huge, the trend of the past two days, I can not predict, because the initiative in the hands of the many, the rebound will happen at any time, but not threaten my cost price now I am most likely to make the mistake of continuing to increase positions to chase the short, because once the rebound, my position is at risk at cashback forex time should do is calm, observation, waiting for the rebound, to confirm that there is no risk before adding positions. Every time I look in the right direction when time is my friend, the further back, the safer I am the most worried about the price falling too fast, it seems not to happen at the moment, I have plenty of opportunities to add positions, now is only the first section, look far away from the most critical quality of people is patience Four, can not lose my position (2011-02-2510:57:21) to todays short has 88 million floating win I struggled all night, or not to cash the floating win first, decided before the opening, one hand also not moving, although at any time there will be a rebound, but I absolutely can not close all positions, so I risk too much, if the market did not rebound my whole plan is messed up if only a part of the flat, then the difference of several million does not make any sense to me now I have enough knowledge and experience, have enough of watching and operating skills, have absolute confidence and the courage to correct mistakes, have the foresight of foresight and hunters patience, but I still have to overcome my extremes and greed V. Now my view on cotton (2011-03-1417:46:56) todays trend is technically broken, and I closed all the short orders in the morning, not because I am on Cotton bearish direction has changed, but I think the time has not yet come, futures short-term fall too much, keep low is possible, but immediately fall sharply less likely, for this operation from now on I am sure I did wrong, less 50 million profit, this fall I certainly do not dare to add positions hope that the market will give me the opportunity to enter again Six, Lin Guangmao ultra-high profit/loss ratio calculation method ( 2011-03-1911:15:18)The market is verifying my previous views and hopes for the cotton trend, from the current position reduction rally, it is giving me the opportunity to 60-day SMA was broken after the upside target in 31000-31500, more than 32000 then technically short stop signal to decide whether to go all out the only concern is whether the fundamentals will support the continued rise therefore In 31000-31500 to establish a long-term short position, is a good choice, 500 or so risk, 10000 or so profit, worth a full strike Seven, this years cotton trend speculation (2011-03-2218:13:38) currently the entire commodity market contains huge potential, the price is basically in the historical high price area, six months up a huge amount At the same time, the high price of commodities also began to suppress demand, the low-priced purchase of raw materials basically used up, finished product prices began to rise sharply, resulting in a backlog, taking up the already inadequate cash flow so the more goods in the hands of speculative bulls, from The more difficult it will be from now on Eight, cotton technical analysis (2011-06-1123:39:54) long time not to do technical analysis, forget how long, because I am good at the fundamentals, for me fundamental analysis is sufficient I dare not assert that the long will definitely lose, but according to my experience, the price down the probability of huge Nine, light boat has been over ten thousand heavy mountains ( 2011-06-3021:06:54)From February 14 Hainan began to short September 34000, to today has been four and a half months, thanks to the multiparty every rally, so that I have a good floating profit from 5713 hands of empty single way to add points, until today to add 5500 hands, the number of empty single times the starting four and a half months I have been open about their operations, because my goal is not in the domestic, I I hope there are more people with me to do short, so that prices return early, friends advised me not to publish the actual fund, they think not to help people but to harm people, so from today no longer talk about their positions we will analyze the reasons for the success of this wave of Lin Guangmaos operation: 1) Lin Guangmaos this transaction has a super high profit-loss ratio (about 500 risk, about 10,000 profit) 2) the right floating win (2) the correct approach to increase positions, so that profits continue to expand the market and the expected consistent, choose the point to continuously increase the bet 3) well in advance analysis, planning and patiently waiting for the approach of opportunity 4) and the expected inconsistent, timely stop loss, timely preservation of life not dead carry (todays trend is technically broken, and I closed all the short orders in the morning) 5) sufficient fundamental research (see article 7 above), so that Lin Guangmao has enough Patience and confidence to hold positions, which is very important in the trading process time is the best friend Lin Guangmao: how to read the "Memoirs of a Great Stock Producer"? The book "Memoirs of a Great Stockbroker" must have been read by most people, but where the benefits of it, you may not necessarily say Mr. Lin Guangmao specifically recommended this book, and talked about his reading experience of the three realms of life, reading may also be applicable when you stand on a higher level of trading, and then read the book, the feeling is completely different body Ding Shengyuan teacher translated the book "stock I can personally say without reservation that I have read this book 20 times before and after the first time in 2000, I remember very clearly in our school library to find this book at that time to see do not feel anything, just think this person is very powerful this book is very easy to read, biographical, very simple but do not underestimate it, precisely because it seems very simple. Most people can not find the merits of this book may be many people here have read it, I share with you where the value of this thing often asked me: what is your mindset in the process of this quotation, how did you think at the time? This book is to share this thing what is its advantage? He tells you what he thought at the time; what happened after he thought at the time; what happened after he experienced; what he gained or lost afterwards. The good thing is that he is realistic is before I wrote in the blog I short the whole course of that thing I think for everyone is useful where is its use? It is likely that each person reading the harvest is not the same why? Because some things you may not be able to see you can not see how difficult it is to look at the past in that situation, but in fact when one day your level reaches a certain level, the same to go through that thing when he is a kind of proof is that a person in doing futures can not always have a teacher on the side to teach you, tell you that the idea is right, when you do this point you have hesitation is right If one day you encounter a big wave of the market, you look back, when you were thinking about this thing, how he was thinking, he was making this decision when he was thinking about the same issues as you are thinking about now, then you basically became because a lot of the big market out of its key points including each process is actually similar Especially at that time should have what kind of mentality you should be very careful how you think about each step, these things if one day you also encountered at the same time, then it is very valuable this is what Buddhism says, it is the testimony to tell you so think is right, then you will have confidence and when you finish this wave, look back and see it harvest and different so that this is the most important I have in each Once I have a new experience to read the book again, see things are different at the time once to look at the past feel very ordinary things the second time to read the tenth time you will feel that it is very valuable so "Memoirs of a great stock trader" this book is to keep reading, keep thinking