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Soros taught us the trading concept (next)

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 In the previous article, to explain to you Soros can give us the trading concept (above), mainly about the Soros god to bring us the amazing work I believe you ForexrebateforExness already looking forward to the following, today we will continue to tell you about those trading concepts of our god Soros very important thing, I am often considered a contrarian investor But I am very cautious about the cashbackforexexness most of the time I am a trend follower, cashback forex I usually prefer to look for inflection points which Forex rebate for Exness similar to the previous point, but the key point here is that the reverse word Soros are saying that he fights against strong trends but can easily get trampled therefore, counter trend does forexrebates mean trading with the trend, this because this your mindset is different from the bulls you need to wait for retracements within the trend, not enter a trend that is continuing forexcashrebate the moment it is about to retreat This means that you need to follow price behavior and think like a professional to do the opposite of what amateurs do The market is like a mathematical hypothetical proposition, the best solution is elegant and simple Almost all the best solutions in life are simple, including trading Therefore, many people like price behavior, it is simple, but very effective Give up those confusing trading indicators, they only hurt you overfilled with indicators and thinking, only to create complications and losses risk-taking is painful, either you endure it yourself or you pass it on to others anyone who wants to take risks but can not be brave enough to bear the consequences is not responsible for this statement means that if you do not like to take risks, especially financial risks, then you will not survive as a trader Risk helps you to focus your thinking when there is risk and you are able to notice the market more sharply Risk can keep you focused, but you dont need to spend much time focusing on the charts The key is that you have to really like the game to be able to take financial risks and be able to operate effectively in the market without being mentally cut down again This may not be for everyone, but if you try to like it The early adopters of a trend are the most knowledgeable and have the largest time horizon, so they can maintain the normal trend in the market as the trend becomes more and more severe, and those later adopters (newbies) who chase past performance In short, the underdogs in the market are afraid of their positions and most of them tend to have very old trends and want to change course. This high level of volatility is indeed a sign of a turning point in the market. In the end, you learn to admit your mistakes and then go about fixing them to survive in the market for the long term, which also means realizing that you need to get out there Trading is not for the compulsive pursuit of perfection, you make mistakes and then get used to it Conclusion George Soros made his initial fortune by taking a contrarian approach He was a contrarian himself, which has a strong connection to his approach When you start reading and learn the natural price behavior on the charts, you will inevitably start acting like a contrarian investor instead of a follower you should not be afraid because then the charts will make sense to you fear comes from lack of knowledge because not knowing is what makes us afraid, in other words if you are afraid of it you will certainly not be good at doing such things