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Speculators must know the data release time

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U.S. ForexrebateforExness cashbackforexexness forexcashrebate a major factor affect forexrebatesg the currency market employment report: the first Friday of each month published the statistical results of the previous month personal income: the fourth week of each month consumer price index: the third week of each month new housing starts (HousingStart): between the 16th Forex rebate for Exness 19th of each month published leading pointers ( LeadingIndicators: On the last business day of each month, the Federal Reserve holds a fixed-rate meeting every 6 weeks on Tuesday. The European Central Bank meets every 4 weeks on the Thursday of the week following the Fed meeting, but one of them is a non-fixed-rate meeting. An important tool and lever to regulate the economy, affecting the cost of investment, profit, etc. in the national and foreign economies, but also affect the national consumption, investment and other activities, its impact on the exchange rate is undoubtedly crucial so we should pay attention to the monetary policy meetings of central banks (including market expectations and results, but sometimes expectations and results are consistent when the market will come out the opposite result, which will be introduced in the future) There is one point It should be noted that sometimes although a countrys government although there is no indication of interest rate adjustments, but as long as the market has such expectations, or in the case of other countries have taken action, the market will expect that the country will inevitably take similar action, so that the exchange rate of the countrys currency to produce significant fluctuations 2. employment (U.S. non-agricultural employment), which serves as a barometer reflecting the macroeconomic development of a country, foretells the current and The gross national product (GNP), which is currently published quarterly cashback forex each country, represents in monetary terms the sum of all production and services of the country in all sectors during a period, and is a comprehensive representation of different economic data, reflecting the current state of economic development 4. The cost of commodity production (changes in the price of production raw materials), changes in the future price of goods, which affects future consumer prices, changes in consumer psychology 5. Consumer price index, which reflects the current price changes in goods, services, etc., spent by consumers, shows the state of changes in inflation, is an important indicator of peoples observation of inflation in the country 6. Foreign trade (trade balance), which reflects Foreign trade (trade balance), reflecting the countrys total foreign trade in a period of income compared with the noted, that is, the inflow and outflow of currency, the importance of this data on the exchange rate of countries in general, in order of Japan, the United Kingdom, the euro area, the United States 7. consumer confidence index, reflecting the countrys national bullish degree of its economic development, foreshadowing the future changes in consumer spending 8. housing (construction) starts, showing whether the economy is in a benign Personal income, reflecting the actual level of purchasing power of individuals in the country, foreshadowing the future changes in consumer demand for goods, services, etc.10. Business inventories, showing the speed of economic development in the country, foreshadowing the future economic development may enter the state 11. It reflects the development and growth of the manufacturing and service industries. A decrease in the number represents a reduction in production and the economy is in recession; when the social economy is faster, consumption naturally increases, and jobs in the consumer and service industries increase. Employment and unemployment rate is published at the same time; the data is an important indicator to observe the degree and state of socio-economic and financial development Non-agricultural employment is an item in the employment report, the project is mainly engaged in agricultural production outside the job change situation employment report is usually known as the foreign exchange market can respond to all the economic indicators in the crown jewel II, gross domestic product ( GDP): refers to a country in a certain period of time the total value of all final goods and services produced within its territory reflects the overall economic situation of a country, and economic growth is closely related to most Western economists as the most comprehensive economic indicators of economic dynamics mainly by consumption, private investment, government spending, net exports of four components of data growth steadily, indicating that the economy is booming, national income increased In general, if GDP declines for two consecutive quarters, it is considered a recession. This data is compiled quarterly by the U.S. Department of Commerce and is divided into preliminary, revised and final values. statistics because it is considered the most important indicator of the development of the national economy; first, GDP is measured in terms of final products, that is, the final sale value of final products in the period; second, GDP is a concept of market value; third, GDP generally refers only to the value resulting from market activity; fourth, GDP is the final product produced during the calculation period Fourth, GDP is the value of the final product produced during the calculation period, so it is a flow rather than a stock of three, retail sales: in fact, it is a statistical summary of the amount of retail sales, all cash or credit card transactions are the scope of business of the retail industry retail data to determine the current state of a countrys economy and prospects have an important guiding role, because retail sales directly reflect the increase or decrease in consumer spending changes in a countrys retail sales, representing the countrys consumer spending Conversely, if retail sales decline, it represents a slowdown or a poor economy and interest rates may be lowered, which is negative for the countrys currency. Thus, while announcing retail sales, a retail sales data excluding auto sales will also be announced; in addition, because food and energy sales are more affected by the season, sometimes food and energy will also be excluded, and then release a core retail sales; because the retail industry involves too wide a range, thus taking a random sample of surveys to obtain more representative data information IV. The analysis of the impact of labor cost changes on labor supply and demand and even on the operation of the national economy can provide an important basis for the Party and governments at all levels to formulate labor policies. The analysis of the impact of labor cost changes on labor supply and demand, and even on the operation of the national economy, can provide an important basis for the Party and governments at all levels to formulate labor policies. The central indicator of labor cost accounting is the total cost of labor; the total cost of labor refers to the total cost paid by each enterprise (unit) for employing a certain number of social laborers in a certain period of time, and the total cost of labor includes four basic elements: total wages of employees, employee welfare fund, employee insurance and provident fund, etc. Net exports (surplus) is the net outflow of capital, the deficit is the net inflow of capital because the United States is a trade deficit countries, and the United States is a country that attracts capital inflows (generally more inflows), so the market is concerned about whether the net inflow of capital can cover the trade deficit, if so just to achieve balance the data is published in the middle of the month on the 21:30 The economics of net capital inflows and foreign investment is not directly related; due to the different levels of economic development and production costs of each country and the existence of interest rate differentials, capital to chase profits and the formation of the international flow of capital, while the existence of domestic political and economic risks also contributed to the flow of international capital; in todays world, international capital flows have become a very striking economic phenomenon, the stability and development of the global economy Play an important role in the impact of six, trade deficit: international trade is an important link that constitutes economic activity when a countrys exports are greater than imports is called a trade surplus; conversely, said deficit U.S. trade data has been in deficit, focusing on the expansion of the deficit or narrowing the deficit expansion is not conducive to the U.S. dollar, and vice versa is beneficial to this data prepared by the U.S. Department of Commerce, the middle and second half of each month before the publication of a day at 21:30 pm A monthly figure international trade refers to the exchange of goods and services between different countries (and / or regions) international trade is the international transfer of goods and services international trade is also called world trade international trade consists of two parts: import trade and export trade, so sometimes also known as import and export trade seven, interest rates: interest rates are the return on lending funds or the cost of using funds the high or low interest rate of a country has a direct impact on the currency exchange rate The U.S. federal funds rate is determined by the Federal Reserves meeting every six weeks on Tuesday the Fed holds a fixed-rate meeting all countries have interest rates as one of the important tools of macroeconomic regulation when the economy is overheated, inflation rises, it will raise interest rates and tighten credit; when the overheated economy and inflation is under control, it will be appropriate to lower interest rates almost all financial phenomena, financial assets The interest rate is one of the important basic economic factors; reasonable interest rates, to play the role of social credit and interest rates of economic leverage has important significance VIII. The data is compiled by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and released at 21:30 on the second Friday of each month. According to the law of price transmission, the PPI has a certain influence on the CPI, which reflects the price level of the production chain and the CPI reflects the price level of the consumption chain; fluctuations in the overall price level generally appear first in the production field, then spread to the downstream industries through the industrial chain and finally spread to consumer goods; the PPI is usually used as a Consumer Price Index (CPI): the price change of products and services related to the price of residents lives, is the most important data when discussing inflation data rise, inflation may rise, the Federal Reserve tends to raise interest rates; conversely, interest rates may be lowered inflation should be maintained in a certain range, too high (hyperinflation) or too low (deflation), are The data is compiled by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and is released at 23:00 on the third day of each month. For example, if the Consumer Price Index rose by 2.3% over the past 12 months, that means that the cost of living increased by an average of 2.3% over 12 months ago. In general, when the CPI> 3% increase, it is inflation; and when the CPI> 5% increase, it is serious inflation 10. Leading indicators (ECRI): by stock prices, consumer orders, average weekly unemployment claims, construction lots, consumer expectations, changes in manufacturers delivery orders, money supply, sales performance, and the price of sensitive raw materials. Sensitive raw material price changes, plant and equipment orders, the average workweek and other items, is to observe the future 6-12 months of the economic direction of the indicators of good data, the economy is good; vice versa, the decline of the data prepared by the Department of Commerce, announced at 22:30 on the last working day of each month macroeconomic fluctuations are divided into four stages of prosperity, recession, depression, recovery, it is a certain regularity of change, and will certainly These indicators are called sensitivity indicators, usually distinguished into three categories according to the temporality of the cycle, namely, leading indicators, synchronous indicators and lagging indicators.1, leading indicators: is in the time of change earlier than the forecast object, that is, the peak or trough of the emergence of time earlier than the forecast object.2, synchronous indicators: the time of change is completely synchronized with the forecast object, that is, the emergence of the trough and peak of the Unemployment rate: the barometer of economic development, and the economic cycle is closely related to the rise in data indicates that economic development is hampered, and vice versa is good for most Western countries, the unemployment rate of about 4% for the normal level, but if more than 9%, it means that the economy is in recession This data is prepared by the U.S. Department of Labor, the first Friday of each month It is the ratio of the unemployed population to the labor force (the number of the labor force that has the will to work and is still unemployed in a certain period of time), and is intended to measure the labor capacity in the idle, and is the main indicator of the unemployment situation in a country or region; most of the information is seasonally adjusted unemployment rate is considered a lagging indicator; it is also the most sensitive monthly indicator in the market. If the unemployment rate is analyzed with the inflation indicator of the same period, it can tell whether the economic development is overheating, whether it will constitute pressure to raise interest rates, or whether it is necessary to stimulate the development of the economy by reducing interest rates. The data is compiled by the U.S. Department of Commerce and published at 21:30 or 23:00 on a certain date in the middle of each month to reflect the business sectors demand for short-term credit. New export orders and imports and other aspects of data to 50 for the strength of the cut-off point, in the above means that the manufacturing industry to good; the opposite means recession data prepared by the Institute of Supply Management (ISM), the beginning of each month a day 23: 00 PMI is a comprehensive economic indicators, summarizing the overall U.S. manufacturing conditions, employment and price performance, is one of the worlds most concerned about economic information; in addition to the overall index of In addition to concern about the overall index, the employment index in the PMI is more often used to predict the unemployment rate and the performance of non-agricultural employment; at the same time, the PMI is a forward-looking indicator of the Americas and U.S. exports is very predictive PMI is an internationally accepted macroeconomic monitoring indicator system, the monitoring and forecasting of national economic activity has an important role; the PMI reflects a more comprehensive economic situation, so the market attaches great importance to the data reflected by the PMI. The market attaches great importance to the specific results reflected in the data; in a general sense, the purchasing managers index rose, will bring the dollar exchange rate rise; purchasing managers index fell, will bring the dollar exchange rate fall 14, durable goods sales (orders): the so-called durable goods is not easy to wear and tear of property, such as cars, aircraft and other heavy industrial products and manufacturing capital goods such as electrical appliances are also durable goods orders on behalf of In the coming month, the manufacturers production situation is good or bad, the data and economic conditions are positively correlated, but the need to pay attention to its defense orders accounted for the proportion of durable goods orders by the U.S. Department of Commerce statistics, generally in the 22nd to the 25th of each month at 21:30 or 23:00 published because the statistics include the defense sector supplies and transportation sector supplies, these supplies are high-priced products, these two sectors data changes The market also pays more attention to the changes in the data after deducting the defense sector supplies and transportation sector supplies In general, if the data grows, it means that the manufacturing sector has improved, which is good for the countrys currency. The data is prepared by the Advisory Chamber of Commerce, published at 23:00 at the end of each month Consumer Confidence Index is an indicator reflecting the strength of consumer confidence, is a comprehensive reflection and quantification of the consumers evaluation of the current economic situation and the subjective feelings about the economic outlook, income levels, income expectations and the psychological state of consumption, forecasting economic trends and consumption trends of a Consumer confidence index is composed of consumer satisfaction index and consumer expectation index. Consumer satisfaction index refers to consumers evaluation of current economic life, while consumer expectation index refers to consumers expectation of future changes in economic life. Satisfaction with the purchase of consumer durables and savings and expectations for the next year and the next two years in the purchase of housing and renovations, the purchase of cars and the next six months of stock market changes 16, capacity utilization (equipment utilization rate): is the ratio of total industrial output to production equipment covers a range of industries including production, mining, utilities, durable goods, non-durable goods, base metals industry, automobile and minivan industry and gasoline The eight items represent the degree of capacity utilization of the above industries. When the equipment utilization rate exceeds 95%, it means that the equipment utilization rate is close to the limit, and inflationary pressure will rise rapidly as the capacity cannot cope. The rate of capacity utilization is below 90% and continues to decline, indicating that too much equipment is idle and the economy is in recession, and the market is expected to lower interest rates, which is negative for the U.S. dollar. Industrial production sector in a certain period of time to produce the total value of all industrial products industrial production value in the gross domestic product accounted for a large proportion of the industrial sector employs a large number of workers, its changes have a significant impact on the entire national economy this data by the Federal Reserve statistics and in the evening around the 15th of each month 21:15 or 22;15 released industrial output value is the monetary performance of industrial enterprises in the reporting period Total industrial products produced by industrial enterprises in the reporting period Total industrial output value is calculated according to the factory method, that is, the industrial enterprise as a whole, according to the final results of the enterprises industrial production activities within the enterprise does not allow double counting, can not add up the results of the production of each workshop within the enterprise Total industrial output value includes the value of finished products, foreign processing fees income and self-made semi-finished products, the value of the difference between the beginning of the period at the end of the product period Calculation of total industrial output value uses two prices That is, (1) constant prices (2) current prices 18, ISM index: ISM index is an important data published by the American Institute for Supply Management, reflecting the prosperity of the U.S. economy and the trend of the dollar have an important impact ISM Institute for Supply Management manufacturing index consists of a series of sub-indexes, including the most representative purchasing managers index ISM Institute for Supply Management non-manufacturing index reflects the prosperity of U.S. When its value is continuously above the level of 50, it indicates that non-manufacturing activities are expanding and prices are rising, which often indicates that the overall economy is in a state of expansion; conversely, when its value is continuously below the level of 50, it often indicates that the overall economy is in a state of contraction ISM for each component to extract the proportion of those who believe that the order is active, and add If the economy is basically healthy and inflation is under control, then the dollar will likely jump very high when the PMI exceeds 50. Conversely, if the ISM report outlines the manufacturing sector stumbling into recession, foreigners may sell some of their dollar-linked capital, reducing the value of the dollar relative to other major currencies. The data is released between the 16th and 19th of each month. New housing starts are the number of homes that have started to break ground on new foundations. The number of dwellings, both single- and multi-occupancy, excluding mobile homes, group homes, apartments and long-term rental hotels, is also published along with building permits, which are written permits that builders obtain from local authorities before starting construction. A prominent marker, becoming one of the ten components of the Conference Board Index of Leading Economic Indicators twenty, personal income: represents the sum of income received by individuals from various sources of income, including wages and salaries, social benefits, spending savings, dividend income and other data to improve, representing an economic upturn, consumption may increase, in favor of the national currency; the opposite is unfavorable the data prepared by the U.S. Bureau of Economic Research, the beginning of each month The current account is the main item on a countrys balance sheet, which records the outflow and inflow of funds between a country and foreign countries, including the import and export of goods/labour, investment income, income from other goods and services, and unilateral transfers, etc. If it is positive, it is a surplus, which is favorable to the national currency; on the contrary, it is unfavorable to the national currency This data is compiled by the U.S. Department of Commerce, and is released on a certain date in the middle of each month 21:30
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