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Stop loss of 12 do not

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1, investors due to indec ForexrebateforExnession, resulting in deep hedging, the current forexcashrebate is too huge, cashbackforexexness Forex rebate for Exness stop loss, because, at this point, stop loss is too late, not only can not recover how much loss, but will be a serious blow to the investment mentality 2, for the dealer wash stocks, do not stop loss, the dealer in the pro-pull up before, in order to reduce the future period of pulling resistance and raise the average cost of the market, will often be used Washing method, trying to will not be determined to drive investors off the sedan, investors at this time to maintain confidence, not arbitrary stop loss 3, the normal technical retracement of the uptrend, do not stop loss as long as the overall market trend has not weakened, you can adhere to the medium-term holding stocks, short term high throw low suction operation strategy 4, near the important bottom area, do not stop loss stock index in the bottom area, usually Has no downward momentum, but sometimes the market will still have the last volume of empty falls, investors should hold firm confidence 5, the individual stock price down forexrebatesace is limited, do not stop loss when the stock price after a long period of adjustment, after a deep decline, the stock price is compressed to a very low position, again downward space is limited, investors not only can not kill, but also consider how to actively absorb 6, the index is seriously oversold, do not stop loss Index and individual stocks are different, the index of serious oversold signals, often more real and reliable than individual stocks but observe whether the broader market oversold can not use common indicators, to focus on reference index-specific indicators, mainly STIX, overbought and oversold OBOS, ADR, Teng fall index ADL four indicators 7, the end of the bear market shrinkage down, do not stop loss volume shrinkage, showing the exhaustion of downward momentum. At this point, cut off the position is undoubtedly unwise 8, there is a panic plate, do not stop loss panic selling plate is often an important feature of the stock price to see the stage bottom, investors should not blindly join the ranks of panic kill 9, the stock price is close to long-term historical important support level, do not stop loss this time should be appropriate to wait and see, but do not rush to grab the bottom of the rebound, need to wait for the final confirmation of the trend, and then take Further action 10, when the stock price deviates seriously from the value, do not stop loss bear market, there is often an irrational plunge, in this muddy wave, there are some stocks with investment or speculative value, will fall to the usual unattainable low price, then investors should have the patience of long-term holdings, do not indiscriminate stop loss 11, when the stock fell to a certain position after stabilization, by the mainstream of the market funds 12, according to the risk-to-reward ratio, measurement, without considering their own profit and loss situation, if, at the current price to buy the stock, the future risk is much greater than the benefit, to resolutely stop loss if, the future benefit is much greater than the risk, do not stop loss