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The amount of time and space in the foreign exchange market

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  1, the relationship between chance cashbackforexexness necessity, determ Forex rebate for Exnesses the fuzzy character forexrebatestics of the cashback forex exchange ForexrebateforExness Accordingly, our best approach is to deal with the problem precisely, fuzzy application 2, balance is everywhere, you should carry out the idea of balance in the solution to the problem at all forexcashrebates 3, with the universal energy characteristics of the foreign exchange market, will make many problems solved 4, the The repetition in the foreign exchange market, most often reflected in the cyclical characteristics; foreign exchange market continuity, most often reflected in the trend characteristics cyclical, the trend is undoubtedly there, and seems to be the closest to the truth we are looking for cycle is time, the trend is space, perhaps with time, space can go hand in hand with the concept of energy, will enable us to find the answer 5, we do not need to consider in the study of the foreign exchange market than people, time, price, energy Time, price, energy smaller yuan of their own concept of universality, comprehensiveness indisputable geography should become the most basic elements of the foreign exchange market 6, the foreign exchange market bloom, glory, withering, decay, all over the world; complaining about the sky, it does not help let us stand on the shoulders of giants, draw on the wisdom of their ideas eventually, go their own way - - help yourself! -7, people in the foreign exchange market should have three meanings: namely, themselves, opponents, judges foreign exchange market is a battlefield without enemies and friends, when you are bearish, your opponent is bullish 8, price fundamentals with the law of value to explain price fluctuations; technical school established such as the golden mean, percentage, trend line and so on a variety of models that Trying to reveal the laws of price movement prices have absolute, relative points to determine your profit and loss is the relative price a mention of price, you can not avoid the time 9, time can be mentioned at least five kinds of peoples understanding of time: life naturally feel the time that never returns: the absolute time of Newtonian classical mechanics: the relative time in relativity; assume that everything does not change, then things return to its original state The cycle of the cycle of time; statistical mechanics in the entropy increases infinitely, with the direction of the arrow of time as long as the human once thought must use time; time is the human description of things change mode of thinking rather than humans pay special attention to time, rather than humans are more concerned about the change of things in a particular time things in the repetition of their own changes should obviously contain the time factor to solve the problem at all, must be the most profound It can be said that whoever establishes a time model in line with the movement of the stock market, who will be able to solve the problem once and for all, like Venn 10, energy in terms of universality, only energy can be compared with time and space all changes in the world can be attributed to the change of energy in space and time in the foreign exchange market, the smallest unit of energy should be associated with time and space There is a link between energy may be a key to open the door to the foreign exchange market 11, I say the trend, not the law, because with the continuation of the trend, the probability of continuing this trend will be smaller and smaller, the trend is not the law and whether the trend is useful are two different things, in the foreign exchange market, people pay attention to the trend, because it is very useful, the chances of winning are greater, and wrong at both ends is certainly the majority of people, I want to do the right The minority of people, and the trend will not tell me 12, if an ant crawling on a wire rope, do not know the end, there will always be a day to fall, when is the end of the wire rope, so I think the trend is not a law