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The basics of how to get started in the foreign exchange

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forexrebates Forex rebate for Exness trad forexcashrebateg cashbackforexexness one of the most popular investment methods in the world today, but ForexrebateforExness investors in the cashback forex to quickly gain profits in the way of investment, so the market is flooded with more and more people who want investors to make a profit I want to tell those who are new to the foreign exchange speculation, foreign exchange trading is not only to make you quickly gain profits, but also if the operation is improper or not familiar with the market, you can also lose your money. In the case of the foreign exchange market, you can also lose your money so for the foreign exchange market to master some knowledge, lest you enter the market after no profit, but rather loss For speculation in foreign exchange newcomers should master some transactions often appear in the currency symbols, and some currency abbreviations in English, if you trade, even the currency goods are not recognized that how to do it based on some of our common currency symbols are: U.S. dollars (USD), euros (EUR) ), the euro (EUR), the yen (JPY), the British pound (GBP), the Australian dollar (AUD), the Canadian dollar (CAD), the New Zealand dollar (NZD), the Swiss franc (CHF) and so on Secondly, when speculating in foreign exchange investors should also understand the exchange rate should also understand what is foreign exchange trading? Foreign exchange transactions that speak of a countrys currency into another countrys currency behavior such as you want to study abroad or travel, the first to change the money into that countrys money Again is the spread speculation process between the bid price and the ask price of the difference between the spread and the exchange rate is generally expressed in 5 digits, the last thought of the number change for 1, the minimum exchange rate change, become 1 point Again to understand the leverage in speculation in foreign exchange Trading leverage trading, that is, the use of small amounts of money to make several times the original amount of investment, in order to expect to obtain several times the rate of return relative to the fluctuations of the underlying investment and leverage ratio is generally 1:10, 1:100, 1:200, 1:400, etc. But investors should bear in mind that the use of leverage principle can not only bring several times the rate of return, while the risk of loss is also several times the magnification of the speculative foreign exchange Beginners should master the basics of the introduction here, the above do a general overview, have questions can consult online customer service