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The basis for stop-loss reference setting

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  The forexcashrebateting of the stop-loss ForexrebateforExness cashbackforexexness based on a certain reference as a standard, the reference setting is generally based on the following points: 1, forexrebates to the degree of loss set, such as: cashback forex the current Forex rebate for Exness is lower than the purchase price of 5% or 10% stop loss, usually speculative short term buy stop loss level set in the fall between 2%-3%, while the investment type long term buy stop loss level set The proportion of decline is relatively large 2, according to the highest price compared with the recent, when the stock price from the highest price fell to a certain extent when selling, if the investor is in a state of loss called stop-loss; in a winning state called stop-win This method is used in most cases to stop-win down how much the stop-win depends on the stock price activity, more active stocks to set the magnitude larger 3, according to the technical indicators Support level settings, mainly: ① 10-day, 30-day or 125-day moving average; ② stock price penetration of the upper line of the Bollinger band; ③ MACD green bar; ④ SAR down below the turning point; ⑤ long, medium and short-term William indicator all above -20; ⑥ when the WVADs 5 antenna penetrates the WVADs 21 antenna; ⑦ when the 20-day PSY moving average is greater than 0.53, the 5-day moving average of PSY penetrates the 20-day moving average of PSY 4, according to the history of key locations of great significance set, such as: the location of the introduction of major policies in history 5, according to the K-line pattern set reference, mainly: ① trend line tangent; ② head and shoulders or rounded top and other head patterns of the neckline level; ③ the lower rail of the ascending channel; ④ gap of the 6, according to the integer price of the stock set, such as: 10 yuan; 20 yuan This method does not have much scientific basis, mainly because the price of the integer off the psychological support and resistance of the investing public 7, according to the dense area of the transaction set, such as: the peak area of the moving cost distribution because the dense area of the transaction on the stock price will have a direct support and resistance role a solid bottom is penetrated, often by The original strong support area into a strong resistance area such as the 777 iron bottom in 93-94 8, according to their own experience set the psychological price as a stop-loss level when the investor long-term concern about a stock, a deeper understanding of the stock, according to the psychological price set the stop-loss level, but also often very effective