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The documentaries are of high quality and are recommended for Forex traders!

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First of all, the recommended several documentaries Forex rebate for Exness forex trad forexrebatesg cashbackforexexness not related, purely to let us traders relax in additi cashback forex, recommended these documentaries also have no commercial purpose, like to find the resources of these documentaries to see the Forbidden City 100 "Forbidden City 100" is the 2005 filming of 12 sets of large-scale documentary " forexcashrebate Forbidden City" after the theme of the Forbidden City to create another video works It took several years of planning and preparation, after nearly a year of filming and production each episode with a length of 6 minutes to tell the story of the Forbidden City 100 spaces, through the visible space, the invisible practical and aesthetic value of the Forbidden City buildings to interpret, to create a video museum for the Forbidden City beyond time and space Dunhuang Dunhuangs heyday, is also the heyday of Chinese history, CCTV after the Forbidden City heavyweight The creators of the documentary strive to provide a comprehensive documentary reflecting the history and culture of Dunhuang, a comprehensive record of the 2100 years of history of the Dunhuang region and the stories scattered among them; a comprehensive display of 100 years of Dunhuang scholars of this desert treasure trove of tireless exploration results "Tea, the story of a leaf" is CCTV record channel on November 18, 2013 The film is divided into six sections: the temperature of the land and the palm of the hand, the end of the road, the boiling of water for tea, other places, hometowns, time stops for tea and a bowl of tea soup to see the human feelings, respectively, from the perspective of tea types, history, dissemination, production and other complete presentation of the story of tea "French Concession Patrol House" is a July 2015 CCTV-9 (CCTV-9) The documentary ForexrebateforExness Truth" aired on CCTV-9 (China Central Television Documentary Channel) in July 2015, shows the face and style of Shanghai in the Republic of China. directors Ridley Scott and Kevin Macdonald - in collaboration with YouTube, the worlds largest video sharing site, and with the help of the worlds internet users, on July 24, 2010, they created a film entitled "Love" and "Fear". Over 80,000 videos with a total of 4,500 hours of video were created from all over the world, people and events, and they portrayed the many stories of sadness, joy, loss and happiness of different people living on July 24, 2010: from the big city to the forgotten countryside, from the rich man in a luxury car to the shoe shine boy on the street, from the life of a parasite to the colorful carnival. Life" (also known as "Life Pulse") is a ten-part documentary series produced by the BBC and broadcast on BBC television since October 12, 2009. 2009 is the bicentenary of Darwins birth and the 150th anniversary of the publication of On the Origin of Species. To mark the occasion, the film seeks to showcase the diversity of natures colorful species and the amazing survival skills they have evolved to adapt to their environment. The technology captures astonishing beauty like never before - courtship birds dancing a dazzlingly complex dance of loyalty on the water; fish using their fins to fly away from predators ...... This film uses the camera to discover the diversity of life on earth and the amazing survival tactics of plants and animals. This is the evolutionary process that is taking place: under extreme pressure, organisms overcome challenges from the enemy and the environment, constantly expanding the limits of behavior. We saw the rise and fall of the Okavango floods and the survival of the animals around them, saw the rare snow leopard hunting in the snow, saw the ice sheet penguins, polar bears, seals and other creatures interdependent harsh scenes, also saw the amazing creatures living in the deep crater of the ocean, and of course the spectacular beauty of the Earth and strange The film has a total of 11 episodes, during which the U.S. military invented the aerial camera, which can be shot from a kilometer away to take a super clear close-up of an object "Dolphin Bay" Wakayama Prefecture, Japan, Taiji, is a small fishing village with beautiful scenery, but here is a perennial scene of inhumanity Every year, tens of thousands of dolphins passing through the waters, their journey ends abruptly in Taiji fishermen drove dolphins to Near the shore, dolphin trainers from all over the world select the right subjects, while the rest of the dolphins are killed by the fishermen for no reason. But the death of a dolphin shook Richard to his core. Since then, he has devoted himself to saving dolphins. Despite the obstruction of the local government and villagers, he and his camera crew have managed to infiltrate the dolphin slaughterhouse in Taiji, just to bring the crime to light and save our lovely friends... ...The View from Time is the debut film of acclaimed cameraman and director, Tom Rau. The film uses slow-motion and timelapse photography techniques to show us the land, people, and wilderness of the Southwestern United States in stunningly beautiful scenery. This time-lapse film will allow you to experience the breathtaking majesty of Americas national parks at home, including Alaska, Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Grand Sawyer, Glacier, Grand Teton, Zion, Bryce Canyon, Arch Bridge and other national parks. The BBC team traveled to 80 places around the world to capture rare and exciting human activities that have never been seen on television screens. Special effects are just right, after watching just shocked, but soon after when I came to the Daming Palace Ruins Park, looking at the large ruins, headphones looped the films theme song, "the former wind and rain, after the dust and smoke, yesterdays glory, where is it today," walking and tears came out "I was in the Forbidden City to repair cultural relics "Heritage doctors" and their "heritage resurrection"! When we appreciate a cultural relic in the museum, more just admire the wisdom of the ancients, but who can think of the "perfect" in the display case is how much behind the persistence and dedication of the restoration of cultural relics ... So, when we stand in front of the display case again, please silently in the heart of a "This is probably the most beautiful documentary on Chinese nature, the frames are wallpapers, and the OST is also excellent. I can say that viewing this film is a kind of enjoyment "Undiscovered China" "Marvin show me China", Uncle Marvin in my heart and Master Bey is quite, are my very favorite adventure show host, the difference between the two see animals after one is to catch, one is to eat if you love nature and small animals If you love nature and small animals, then do not miss this film "Aerial Photography China" amazing! The new CCTV production should be compared to the BBCs best work to aerial perspective overlooking China, all-round, three-dimensional display of Chinas historical and humanistic landscape, natural geography and economic and social development changes netizens have said: enjoy this film when you want to cry tears singing my motherland ~ "tongue on China 1, 2, 3" in the domestic success of the food documentary, whether from filming skills or the entire documentary The third pole is the highest plateau on earth, known as the "third pole" This is also the worlds first large-scale documentary presenting the mystery of the Tibetan plateau people and nature get along with each episode Each episode consists of several stories of ordinary Tibetans of about 8 minutes in length, presenting the most genuine Tibetan "Life, Death and Reincarnation" For centuries, many cultures and individuals have said they have experienced reincarnation. With exclusive interviews with distinguished scientists and reincarnation researchers, this film explores this mystery in depth and scientifically for the first time, based on a wealth of recent research from the field of consciousness studies, near-death experiences and past-life memory research Some other documentaries: 1 Polaris 2 Vibrant Planet 3 Horizon: Supermassive Black Holes 4 Bermuda Delta Mystery 5 Wild Caribbean 6 Interstellar Wanderings" 7 "Exploring Diving Shark Volcanoes" 8 "Mysterious Maya" 9 "The Mystery of the Maya Underground" 10 "Cold-Blooded Life" 11 "Earth Power" 12 "Seeing Animals Through" 13 "Ancient World" 14 "Ancient Apocalypse" 15 "Selected Art Series" 16 "Making New Humans" 17 "Disappearing Ancient Civilizations" 18 "Walking with the Wild" 19 "The Power of Art" 20 "Life Under the Scrub" 21 "The Polar Journey" 22 "Supernatural Forces" 23 "Around the World in Eighty Days" 24 "Seven Oceans" 25 "Human Instinct" 26 "Exploration of Planet Earth" 27 "Blue Planet" 28 "Natural Wonders of the World" 29 "Egypt" 30 "White Planet" 31 "Wild South America" 32 "Earth Unlimited" 33 "World War II Raid" 34 "Animal Super Senses" 35 "Genghis Khan" 36 In Search of the Trojan War" 37 "Horizon" 38 "Walking with Dinosaurs" 39 "Nazi Warning Book" 40 "Earth Pulse" 41 "The Story of Mathematics" 42 "Stephen Hawkings Universe" 43 "Ocean Odyssey" 44 "Animal Battlefield" 45 "Animal Maternity" 46 "Wildlife Wonders" 47 "Hemingways Adventure" 48 "Beautiful China" 49 "Discovering China: A Culinary Journey" 50 Exploration of the Planets of the Universe 51 "Eighty Treasures of the World" 52 "Super New Humanity" 53 "Great Events in Nature" 54 "Stargazers Guide" 55 "Time Machine" 56 "Birds Paradise" 57 "Wild Indonesia" 58 "Wild Africa" 59 "Wild Caribbean" 60 "Great Barrier Reef" 61 "Kingdom of Plants" 62 "Amazon Deep" 63 "The Birth of Israel" 64 "Secrets of the Masterpieces of the Wild 65 "The Tracks of Civilization" 66 "Human Brain Roaming" 67 "The Great Composer" 68 "Earth: The Climate Wars" 69 "Son of God" 70 "Looking Up at the Night Sky: The Big Bang" 71 "The Natural World: The Ballad of the Crocodile" 72 "Deep Blue" 73 "Sperm Whale: The Return of the Abyss" 74 "Animal Crime Scene" 75 "A Moment of Awesomeness" 76 "The Universe Unlimited" 77 "The Natural World: Harnessing the Wind and Returning" 78 The Natural World: Clever Monkeys 79 The Source of Life 80 The Lost Gods 81 The Story of India 82 The Fading Creatures 83 The Great Myths and Heroes 84 Group Nature 85 The Battle of the Sexes 86 Noahs Ark 87 The Hiroshima Nuclear Blast 88 The Great Retreat from Dunkirk 89 Journey to Earths Water 90 From Normandy to Berlin 91 The Atlantic The Battle of 92 The Story of the Formation of the Earth 93 Churchills Bodyguard 94 The Underwater World Revealed 95 The Story of Light 96 The Various Holes in the Universe 97 Future Scenes 98 Science Series 99 The Original Garden of Eden 100 Insect Empire
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