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The loss of speculative foreign exchange is really the heart of death

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never thought I would fall ForexrebateforExnessto this situation, work for several years hard earned money, less than 2 years, the basic Forex rebate for Exness last night seriously counted, deducting the remaining $ 400, a total loss of 1.96W U.S. cashbackforexexnessllars, a total of 130,000 yuan to review their own experience, from about 14 years, could forexcashrebate resist the temptation of advertising, looking at the Golden Road precious metals have a grant The company has been in the business of investing in gold forexrebates silver, although at the beginning they have repeatedly cautioned the high leverage and high risk, and have not played before, but at that cashback forex, looking at the stock market downturn, speculation is basically not losing money, thinking to try, there are grants can be used to go in, before and after a few months, investing $ 1000, and finally left $ 100, has been losing, and feel that this platform is not good, the $ 100 out of the fact This time if the hand, now think about it is too happy, but I do not know that day to see the advertising, IronFX grants more, and so many varieties can be operated I just started to be more sensible, they got a IronFX simulation position, $ 500 simulation, the results less than 1 week to earn more than $ 1000 simulation on doing the German stock index, a week later could not resist the gold, $ 500 plus grants have 800 But I did not expect, a real operation, the account will soon be a substantial loss, followed by a burst position, this time not to admit defeat mentality came, soon again into the gold, followed by a loss, the last deposit began to earn a little money, the results just took 300 U.S. dollars, IronFX can not be withdrawn from the gold, their own profit plus the principal of more than 300 U.S. dollars sunk in stone and then began to find a platform, see the platform with a grant to go The result is now very bad luck, do a platform, into a gold, loss one after another loss, the end of 14 almost lost 30,000 yuan then at the end of 14, they have a few small platform, surprisingly began to profit, a platform from losses to $ 400, up to $ 2300 and a platform also put profits to the principal out, this time thought to find a way to make money Dharma door heart began to sit in a beautiful dream, dreaming of a few months to make back the loss of 30,000 yuan results unfortunately, last June, the German index all the way down, I plunged all the way to the bottom, the more losses, losses on the gold last year, the first three months, all the way up, I was up there about 1 month, closed the position, instead began to do short, the results have been loss, this time to see the German index U.S. stocks down, think it will go up because when you first started to do Europe and the United States stock index every time is down to go up higher I then surprisingly think that the stock market in Europe and the United States will not fall at all, at most is a small adjustment, as long as hold back to earn back the results in a couple of months or so, their own capital plus profit substantial loss, then the loss of more than 10,000 U.S. dollars and then to about October last year, was scared by the August stock market crash, and began to short intraday, but did not expect that time stock index began to bounce back empty or loss, and one after another loss of several thousand dollars, this time to do intraday, no August loss of more to November, regardless of the main trend, intraday do 5 minutes line, plus some luck, began not to lose much money, and sometimes make some money but to January this year, looking at the stock index so down, could not resist going in to the bottom, the more to do the more loss, just two weeks, a loss of three or four thousand dollars of their own disadvantages also know, frequent single, always keep an eye on the single, after the loss of the backhand followed by another loss, both sides of the face heavy positions without stop loss, or else is a lock single, the result of each lock single final loss is surprisingly larger than the direct stop loss psychological do not accept the loss, as long as the loss to the single, no self-control, are emotional single every time so, no feeling beforehand, after the regret of death, the results of the actual operation or so last August The big loss, not serious reflection, but a new rush to gold, completely ostrich, numb to losses, see no money to find out how serious the loss, thinking that they are 30 years old, so far the object is not, the house is not if you do not lose money, the 100,000 more to parents point money, can pay the down payment loss so much, are afraid to say with relatives and friends, I now want to terminate the forex trading, and the heart is not willing to actually Think, their losses are so big, a big reason is that they refuse to admit defeat to the market in time, thinking of making back the money lost from the market has a lot to do with January 4 this year, was empty two single Hang Seng Index, the results set a take profit, a stop loss to me and dare not chase the short in time, but began to plunge, just lost 50 U.S. dollars, in order to put the 50 U.S. dollars profit back, has been frequent operations for two weeks and big loss or in my account not much of their own case, into the basic U.S. dollars, heavy short position yen, more stock index, a day on the burst of the position heartache very also do not know how people make money, how to control emotions, foreign exchange do really too tired, do not know next week they can really give up, may not be able to do, I this 400 U.S. dollars account, can still create a miracle, really feel slim hope that later they can do a small The next single, every day to control a single around their emotions trading, big losses do not commit again last August two weeks at once loss of $ 4,000, the two weeks this year and a loss of $ 3,000 such a short time big losses again not Fan