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The simple rule method

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What forexcashrebate the simple rule method The simple rule method is one of the methods of forexrebates control is to ma cashback forextain stable economic growth as long as the monetary authority supplies cashbackforexexness at a fixed rate Its main creators are Professor Friedman Forex rebate for Exness other new monetary supremacists Friedman argues ForexrebateforExness if each situation is considered on its own merits, then, in most instances, it is On the other hand, if we adopt a general rule for -combined and -up situations, then the existence of the rule itself will have a favorable effect on peoples attitudes, beliefs, and hopes. In the advanced capitalist countries, at the generally permissible level of unemployment, the national economy is intrinsically stable, and only when disturbed by a wrong monetary policy, the intrinsic stability of the national economy is This shows that, contrary to the Keynesians, they believe that most of the disruptions in the national economy do not come from the physical sector, but from the monetary sector, due to the excess of money. However, unfortunately, they cannot accurately predict the magnitude and timing of the effectiveness of their policies. Even assuming that they can do so, external developments always lead to unexpected results. This makes it impossible to make a comprehensive and accurate estimate of the current state of the economy. (2) Inevitably, peoples predictions of what the exogenous variables that affect the economy are and to what extent each of these variables will affect the economy are also imprecise. (4) There is a time lag in the effectiveness of monetary policy, and there are various kinds of time lags, including the time lag of identification, the time lag of decision making, and the time lag of effect. The objectives pursued by monetary policy today are mostly multiple, including monetary stability. These goals are in conflict with each other, and it is difficult to achieve two or more goals at the same time. 4. Leaving the issue of money supply to the monetary authorities or even the government to choose and handle at their discretion is not only inconsistent with the quasi-failure of society, but also vulnerable to political and economic pressures. In addition, the camera choice is also affected by the purpose other than the stabilization of the economy and the purpose contradictory to the stabilization of the economy, and even after knowing its mistakes, and often turn a blind eye to it, not to correct so that the camera choice of money supply will not only not receive the desired effect, but will become an important cause of economic It is on the basis of the above considerations that Friedman and others strongly oppose the use of variation to determine the amount of money supply, and strongly advocate the establishment of rules by the legislature to order the monetary authorities to make the amount of money to increase in accordance with a specific proportion of the main content of the rule is to choose a suitable percentage of money growth: in this regard, Friedman to "the optimal amount of money In his article "The Case of Monetary Stability" published in 1960, he argued that, in the case of the United States for the past 90 years, the annual growth rate of the money volume is 4-5%, of which 4-5%, about 3% corresponds to the growth rate of production. The remaining 1-2% corresponds to the growth of the population, the increase in the amount of money that the public wants to retain as their real income increases.
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