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The skill of looking at the weekly and monthly lines to determine the general trend

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How to look at the cashback forex Forex rebate for Exness monthly forexrebatess? From a practical profit perspective, only those cashbackforexexnessvestors who see the right trend and operate according to it ForexrebateforExness expect to make really big profits. In other words, holding patiently during the r forexcashrebatee can maximize profits, while a light position or even a short position during the fall is the best risk avoidance. The cycle is too short, often sending the wrong signal, and sometimes different technical indicators even send the opposite contradictory signals, so the choice of the correct cycle indicators is also very critical How to look at the weekly and monthly lines? Generally speaking, the daily time is too short, and the general manipulation of funds can be manipulated within a certain period of time, so that the cheat line, will mislead investors, but in the medium and long term, the trend is difficult to control the general funds, so in the judgment of the trend, the use of various types of indicators should be the weekly or even the monthly line is more ideal when the trend of individual stocks in the daily line is difficult to judge, with the weekly and monthly line is clear at a glance Among the averaging indicators is important is the half-year line and the annual trend of the general in a bull market in the half-year line will always be above the annual line, and short-term stock prices should also be run above the annual line, only when the half-year line back down is the time to re-judge the market and MACD, RSI and other indicators should also be based on the weekly line, so that for stocks in consolidation in the line of deception is easy to identify, will not waste large Of course, the use of weekly or monthly lines in the bear market, will not be confused by the short-term rebound, can better prevent the risk of course, with weekly or monthly lines to determine the trend has advantages but also deficiencies, that is, for strong stocks in the time of selling often does not sell to the highest price, and in the participation of individual shares can not buy the lowest price so this method of operation is not the pursuit of the lowest price to buy and the highest The price of selling, but can basically grasp a round of the mainstream opportunities of the market, and can better avoid the big risks, to retain the fruits of victory from the long-term operational point of view, in a cycle of alternating bull and bear, this method can reduce the frequency of operation, reduce operational risk, to obtain the maximum investment income.  
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