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The speculative foreign exchange expert in the forum to share their own stable profitability for many years

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long time forexcashrebate on the forum here Forex rebate for Exness where forexrebates began to ForexrebateforExness foreign exchange marg cashback forex in 03 years to absorb nutrients, so there are feelings, think of the previous themselves in the dark fumble, always think of giving back to everyone what problems you can ask, I have time to write some hope to help you progress I write badly, cashbackforexexness a thousand words, all write out not The realistic, only spontaneous to write, or what questions to answer the forum is not often a master of the forum in the most newcomers, confused, and ulterior motives of the lobbyists, friends interested in foreign exchange, you can look at some experience articles may help successful traders, relying on a series of behavioral combinations, not one or two correct shouting single assumptions a master and a novice now A bearish, a bearish, and later trend down, the expert to see the wrong, but, the expert may still profit, because the expert can follow the trend of change at any time, change positions, the novice although see the right, but a small fluctuations, was stopped out of the game, see the right, still lose money such examples in the margin industry is too much foreign exchange margin is a high-risk industry, I do not recommend any young friends to do full time This do this is a fate, fate is unattainable this industrys mortality rate, much higher than you think here is no two or eight law, here is the law of two and ninety-eight this industry success or not, and your quality, financial strength, education are not related (depending on your protector behind) many other industries elite and high quality talent, in margin trading are miserable losers the same, I have seen This is not investment speculation, is based on your judgment of developments, make your bets, to put it bluntly is gambling, except that this gambling, relatively objective and fair, bettors have more opportunities to choose the time to place bets in their favor have If a friend recommends the article of the foreigners if the English is good friends, you can look more foreigners forum, foreigners usually post articles, more serious and more practical meaning but any article, but also can not save your own trading I how many times after reading a good article, a good book, blood boiling, feel their qualitative leap, but a real operation, found or not I was later ready to give up, stopped three or four months this During this period, I was busy with other business, a need to invest 300,000 business, before, has been thinking about the investigation for a long time, after the start of business, and busy day and night, tired to collapse I thought: a person to make a 300,000 investment decisions are so long to argue, pay so much, that do a single hand, is 100,000 U.S. dollars, 600,000, 700,000 yuan, such a large investment decision. Why is it so hasty to buy a single lot (which is equivalent to a 600,000 or 700,000 investment) and then, expecting to make money 2 hours later when you turn on the computer, is it realistic? This kind of thing, can continue to happen as a career I hold an original stock, after 5 years before listing, the value of most of the time, only a tenth of my purchase price, in my doubt, hate, regret, and then about to forget when, only suddenly and quickly reflect the value of the return to me I many years ago, a small house in a domestic resort, and later appreciated a lot, others have asked me to sell However, I really like it, I have been hesitant not to sell, the results later, and then a staggering continued to double the value of an ordinary doctor teacher, as long as seriously in a position, dry twenty years also become an expert professor, back and forth to change the post, impetuous certainly not fine wine, must be brewed over time, any modern technology, but also across many life experiences, so I realized that the value of Appear, need time to settle for margin does not need to hold a position for several years, several months is not needed, but at least should not be a few minutes, a few hours should be slightly more patient expert advice, profitable single, at least habitually hold a position longer than a loss single you if you can put up with a loss single for several days, then you should hold a profitable single for more than a week (the trend is correct premise) A Q: because later Do not use this method, completely shifted to the system trading, so the skills you have done a good job, and your trading experience so long, also used to this approach, and currently doing well, as long as you remember the following points, there is no big problem 1, do not manage money on behalf of customers, do it yourself 2, do not put too much money, earn a certain amount of profit, bring up out, at least a large part, do not think about compound interest This kind of thing As long as you remember these two points, you do not have to change any techniques, is certainly able to earn, extreme cases, will not hurt the vitality A: I believe in mechanical trading, just not yet to that stage, fate has not yet arrived, I do not know mechanical trading, than human judgment trading effect is much better?  A back: how to say, in fact, I am not completely mechanical trading, there is a small amount of subjectivity in it, there is no such level, limited ability, can not make up this kind of program, and on contact with people, I have seen the trading record, the actual success of EA has not seen, I think the difficulty is extremely difficult but heard a similar experience of seniors said, automatic trading system, need to spend a lot of energy is Monitoring the management part, rather than the generally recognized buy and sell part It should be said that the use of human judgment to be much easier, but also basically can do, and a successful mechanical system, can not be found Q: the increase in positions this paragraph can tell you in detail, the whole market will add up to how many times the leverage?  A: On the position, this is my favorite part of the first, do not because the first wave did not catch up, several times the position, or a small retracement, you will lose a trend, to an order of magnitude to do a single, start gradually build a position of 1 hand, on each 1 hand plus, start each single 0.1, on 0.1 plus when the market pauses to add positions, do not add even when the market is pulling up violently when the market is very good The most I can add once a day is mainly to let themselves not impulsive market adjustment for the first time, I usually ignore, the first retracement, I usually two positions up, earnings often have more than 100 points, will suddenly return to the cost line near the newbie really can not stand, but very fast, may be just half an hour or less, the second adjustment time, I often reduce a little position, but as long as not But I feel that these details are not the most important, the most important is still the trend of judgment and confidence to a certain extent, the trend will be very confident, not two eyes will be closed to add a position, add a position, sleep and food very nervous feeling Adding a position is only suitable for the trend market this is very important! I do not do adjust the market (not not to do it, or not the main do), most of the reasons, is to adjust the market without the opportunity to increase positions, because there is no sustainability, always be on the lookout for a rapid reversal of the market without sustainability, and then make a lot of money, because at the beginning, your position can not be very large, and dare not increase the position, only to earn a little on the run trend market is much more regular, wave-like forward, as if the troops Advance, occupy a city, stationed a small unit to stay, and then continue to move forward ahead of the scope of the battle, should not involve the previous occupied city (think of 49 years the PLA south) if not the trend of the forward attack, the front line of the battle, will suddenly fight back to your old nest, the rear of your staff to stay all eaten (think of 30 years in Jiangxi Soviet) so the trend is right, must increase positions to do hard The trend is not formed, on the short term thinking, earn some money almost on the line Q: the original shares put a few years or ten years, are making money? Doctors do twenty years to become professors? Teachers do twenty years have become professors? The farmer planted a sixty-year land is not an agricultural scientist?  A: Young people, to learn to dislike, disagree with things, remain tolerant, to their own disgusting things to learn to avoid without this skill, you will live in China will be very painful in order to dispel your sense of justice, I assure you, I am not a pimp, not a fee, not nonsense posting is not my way of life, I would like to disappear as soon as possible ten years later, you want to talk to me also not too easy A: I do not look at the 30-minute trend, a loop will be chaotic, so, not to answer such a detailed question non-US, I still adhere to the daily trend up, now 4 hours are down to adjust although it looks very scary, very much like doing the head, however, the adjustment are so, each adjustment is like the end of the original trend, so that the meaning of the adjustment if it is very clear that it is an adjustment, it can not The role of the adjustment I am not to assure you that this is an adjustment, I just do according to my probability, keep the long thinking if the future confirmed into a short, there is certainly an opportunity to get back on board to do short (afraid then there are many people yelling to do more), a trend shift, not so easy Ou and stick downward adjustment of space is not small, the right opportunity to take advantage of the fire to do a short, but the trend to mind, as long as there is a 4-hour upward signal, I will not hesitate to do more than the yen is a long breakthrough look, but the yen is more bizarre, I do not do well, will not give you advice on the time period said indeed 1: 4 better, 1: 6 also OK, 4 hours and the daily is not the relationship between 6 it has a MT4 plug-in can look at the 2-hour chart, so you can match your 30 minutes I used to engage, and then also I was too lazy to use no such detail you should be interested in the Internet to find to see the 2-hour chart of the small file weekly can help analysis, but trading caution, the magnitude of time and space is too large In addition, recognize that analysis and operation are two different things some good analysts account is not good, in fact, do not laugh at the analyst, he said something can be very valuable because analysis and operation, is completely unrelated If you can persuade a few people to give up the idea of making a living from margin trading on Forex, I will feel that I have done a great good deed, which is very similar to drugs, giving people fantasy, addictive, and, not interested in other things in life, think about how terrible it is if If you have a formal job, stable income, have many hobbies outside of work, have a normal circle of friends, still have a strong interest in the margin, then try it is okay, or quite fun Oh, I have been doing industry for more than ten years, although the last is not a success, now ask me to do again, really not interested, endless social, endless disputes over debts, really endless losses, endless The dang, of course, there are also playing endless frame, but is too tired, now I found that foreign exchange is more suitable for my character, at least to be able to a person quietly want to do things they like, I have deeply liked, will not look back, regardless of the results, do things you like to do is always pleasant I would like to say a digression, many people think that business, is also one of the ways to get rich, but for those who have not done business people, the difficulty of doing business, to do foreign exchange is much more difficult, there is a good project, no relationship can not, have relations without strength can not, have relations will not use can not, have relations with strength without ability can not, have the ability to have the strength of the relationship will not manage can not, in short, there is no one thing can be successful at will Recently I read a book written by a native "very trading", from the philosophical A: If you are sure you want to try, you can also learn a thing, whether it is work skills or personal previous hobbies throughout the day nothing else, just stare at the computer trading effect is even worse slightly keep a little distance, but also better use of time Q: senior can you say your single? A: My June profits mainly rely on 3 single May 26th, 27th, 29th each short a single Swiss franc, June 2 manually closed 2, 3 contraction stop loss after playing off the last specific time not to write, is the time on the MT4 first single hindsight is very stupid, does not make sense, but stupid things will always be there, I do not care to think about the second okay, the third belongs to the breakthrough to increase positions but behind Because the market did not last, there is no opportunity to continue to increase positions after the fact looks very ordinary, there are stupid mistakes that violate their own theories, (if you see the details of my transactions, it will be even more stupid, because there are also some fragmented small single in the middle, do not understand what they are busy) these three major single position for about a week, in fact, every day is also very difficult but this is the transaction, I am still satisfied I have long found that No one is willing to publish their trading details to others, and even profitable people are not willing to start not understand, and then I was fortunate enough to see the forex companys management side of the background to understand (no beauty) when you can see everything, you will not find more beautiful, you will be very disappointed a well-dressed beauty, but also fart buckle boogers to sweat and such privacy even in the background of a few profitable accounts in a hundred miles, replay It also looks and feels not smart, like spying on a person in the bathroom I am not satisfied with my own thinking and trade follow through, you should believe that you can do better if you experience well, plus your own feelings and efforts, you should believe that you can do better losers, always have a superstitious attitude towards profitable people, I only later sent letters, profitable people do the same not very successful, but this does not affect him to be profitable I see the most important The difference is that the profitable can adhere to (the trend is correct under the premise) non-US are bearish euro head and shoulders top down, first look at the head and shoulders below and other distance, the pound first look at last weeks low position own a post is really stressful, people a speech on the posture, it is a little stiff no wonder a few years ago, some friends in the altar every day host, now are not talking or less talk huh, dinner table, just finished to people eat vegetarian The benefits, immediately up a plate of fragrant roast pork, but really embarrassed to take chopsticks, but thats how trading is, from the good, but the principles are still there, see the understanding to do, do not see not do, see, but see not on the small do, in case you see the right, and caught on the hard to do, you want to manipulate the trend has not changed before, do not come out easily do not expect too much to improve the success rate of a hit Q: do trend is difficult on the difficult in this piece, when the owner wants to bearish, often the market has gone 4.5 hundred points, the market may be brewing a significant rebound A: This is the case, I deal with this 1. position to light, will not swallow your front profits, only a number of light positions to test, to confirm the correct, in order to enlarge the position 2. and the market to maintain distance, once a day analysis is sufficient, and even often leave a few days in front of the computer, staring The market, can only do ultra-short, not suitable for doing trends to start doing foreign exchange, must be a light position the highest standard is $ 2000 to do a mini-hand, the first single trend to do right, you can add positions, not right, determined not to open a new position without stable profits before, do not exceed this position standard for two reasons: one can reduce the degree of their own position worries, do not worry about the second, trading profit is a combination, not a punch to win, to There are follow-ups are done like fighting a war, there must be a reserve team Operation, adhere to the trend of trading only with the trend to open positions, a moment to do more, a moment to do short, high throw low suction, is no trend in the brain, a reflection of a muddle However, the trend of trading is a big topic, I really do not want to write about this topic, not a few thousand words to say that you do not have a number of trends for what they do, and then, to operate your analysis quote a word For example, some friends do more, the reason is that the daily chart is now rising trend, but after holding the position has been looking at the 5-minute chart, a minute chart, a few dozen points of fluctuations would like to come out in fact, if the operation of the daily trend, the euro is estimated to be at least 400 points above the stop loss, the pound is more so, think about the above sentence, you because the daily uptrend to do more, and Because 50 points retracement on the exit, you are trading your plan? Your combat reasons and combat behavior in line with it? This method of yours, in fact, is the "champion trader" inside the talk of batching and price, in the process of the market bottoming out gradually build positions, try to make the last single only a little higher than the lowest point if the core direction is correct, is a good recipe for profit "Sun Tzu Art of War" said: not all know the harm of using the army, then you can not know the benefit of using the army also the disadvantage of this method is: if the market is not bottoming out, but a real change in trend, then The method requires the operator to: 1) have accurate directional judgments, 2) have the determination to stay calm and resist the floating losses to explore more A: Yes? Is there a book about doing this? Oh, the same way you said the disadvantages if the real trend reversal that will die, generally will not have a lot of protection measures, and a light position in foreign exchange than the stock has a benefit, more opportunities, so that each time you can do a light position, a year down the profit is still not a lot of stocks a year may be an opportunity to earn money must be heavy position in fact, textbooks require consolidation market do not do, at least to do less and cautiously do need some hand tendons I Sometimes it is also clear that should not be involved in this mess, but a little itchy hands, the hand to play A: consolidation market, indeed, should not do, at least to do very carefully However, I am also itchy hands, can not control themselves can not control their own things more, to review themselves 5 minutes 30 minutes trend, I am determined not to do, do that or to take into account the 4-hour daily trend, a ring set, confuse themselves Q: I tend to, when consolidation, wait and see or establish a locked position, unlocked at the upper and lower limits, if the magnitude of consolidation is too small to care! The problem with the locked position approach is that as long as the consolidation continues, then it will always make money, if the unilateral strength, then it will definitely lose money, but of course the establishment of a suitable stop loss can help to lose less money!  A: Most successful people recommend consolidation range wait and see, to break through and do, it makes sense, because the operation inside this range, often drowned however breakthrough and do to sacrifice a lot of profits, the market breakthrough, they do not have a position is very painful so I now if the heart has a direction, even if there is no breakthrough, I will slowly build a position if you simply do not see the direction, of course, do not do Q: the mechanical system is to There is no system will be indiscriminately put the gun, but hold the system does not put the not work, the market will change, before the useful things, to today is not necessarily useful, I tend to change the system, but change very slowly, which is based on the market changes suggest that each single person to build their own operation records, often review the operation records will be very rewarding!  A: mechanical system my understanding is that there is a set of fixed theory and operating mode account in all transactions are a product of the theory, and can not be chaotic, can not find the law but the specific details of the operation may not be exactly the same, a principle things may have different performance A: even to do short term, but also to follow the general trend, learn to first analyze the general trend, follow the direction, waiting for the entry signal is not This direction of the signal to give up, dont heartache Q: today and bubble up to learn to learn, the owner then talk about how to increase positions, how to control the risk, in batches or wait until the market reversal of a one-time exit?  A: Theoretically, each adjustment is to add positions, do not add positions in the big positive or big negative headwinds I usually get out in batches but this topic is not clear with the way the network typing, at least to say quite troublesome Q: Where mechanical things are dead, people are alive, so to regularly update but no one can leave the mechanical tools of the A as long as the mechanical system is stable for a period of time, just like my computer, which A couple of years can use the Internet to use it, do you want to hold it for life? Mechanical system on the dashboard of the car, who drive without looking at the dashboard, just look at the dashboard will be able to drive?  A: Dont think about these things word by word, there is a general idea is that the foreigners have a good concept: before the verdict you are guilty, you are innocent, you can suspect each other guilty in your heart, but you do not have the right to treat him in a criminal way from the probability, I prefer to use this idea, the market has not clearly become a downtrend before, still to be seen as an uptrend market is always repeated, certainly Up and down you see the down section on the short, you see the up section on the do more, can make money but dont people do short you do short, people do more you do more, that two sides slapped, dead is you Q: too reasonable, in a sense that peoples psychological change than psychological inertia is much more difficult owner, please tell how to close the position? Always wait until all the single hit stop-loss until?  A: I have a variety of options to close positions on the trend single try to hold, large level adjustment, on the upper (lower) edge of the pattern out of the good not trend single on the good to close Im too lazy to write, very trivial If you say, according to the 4H chart and daily chart single, your trend single generally hold how long?  A few days, a few weeks, or months, or even years? Which order of magnitude is it?  A: 365 floor, hold a position to several months years? Too exaggerated it I am the main operation and the daily direction of the same 4-hour trend, such as the daily line now I still attribute to the uptrend, at least not yet clearly proved to have turned the trend, so my main operation 4-hour uptrend small consolidation may hold a position waiting for a large consolidation out first, and then re-establish a position until the daily line clearly changed to a downtrend, and then the main 4-hour downtrend position time due to the trend And fixed but I also do from time to time the day washout of the loose single netizen Q: want to understand your experience the more detailed the better Seniors A: Oh, what is the more detailed the better, I can not be too no privacy I studied economics, before engaged in international trade foreign exchange live trading, and very successful, can be ten years without work, no life pressure I think I am extremely well conditioned to do margin is the result of the water later, full-time margin still Continued losses, confusion and pain, also participated in some fee organizations, several times considered giving up in the middle of a few breaks, and then after a few months of rest, re-operation, suddenly enlightened theory or the same few, after the success, found that in fact is to repeat the same a few truths, nothing new like you are looking for the road, at a junction, over and over, walked twenty times, just can not find, and finally found, you find, you have been near. Found in your neighborhood, you have been passing, but, just did not see, you can not understand yourself, the original what they are blindly looking for huh, go left to go right story, maybe your lover is near you, but you ignore for many years Q: What indicators you are to judge the trend, what cycle?  A: trend judgment, I think the conventional approach can be, such as macd on the 0 axis, the average long alignment, the trend line breakthrough and so on you open an original k-line chart, by intuition or let a small child to see, is up is down very clear remember, when rising never do short, down trend do not do more this is a helpless topic, said a thousand times 10,000 times occasionally sometimes I logged into the forum, the A piece of a big rise when everyone posts that it should fall, a big drop in the market when everyone posts to do more, really speechless, I do not know what to say good what cycle can be I personally do 4-hour trend to the daily chart to assist in verifying the time is too short to feel to do, there is no stability Q: How do you see those who are very general quality of life successful traders, these general and on the basis of what is more than What makes these average ones more successful than those who are not average and average?  A: Forex trading skills, more like an indefinable destiny (divine help), can be encountered but not sought and your academic professional irrelevant or even negative correlation, even the more a person is highly educated, high quality, the more detours to take the more knowledgeable people, easy to introduce academic theory into trading, I think it is a dead end life, character quality of certain personalities of people, but also not suitable for trading everyone remember the secondary school textbooks have a I feel that the main character is very good quality, I think borrowed something from others, damage has a responsibility to sacrifice their own interests to repay, but some people feel that the person is very stupid I feel that, whether in China to do business, or to do transactions, the main character kind of conservative, responsible, faithful to the promise of people, it is easy to die, scold the main character is very stupid people are more likely to succeed.  Not that the successful traders are big bad huh, but some traditional character needs to be honed and reformed, which is a very painful process Q: Is it that since these years of speculation, character also some changes? Is it usually in life, look at the problem is also more thorough it? I would like to verify whether my speculative thinking is correct, thank you!  A: No such feeling I think it does not matter at all Q: Please ask the owner, you and know 2 other friends can be stable profit, the annual rate of return is about how much?  Stable profit, should be under a certain reasonable rate of return expectations, it is possible to be safe and long-term Stable profitability of the actual long-term rate of return, for newcomers to establish reasonable earnings expectations should help Thank you A: How much can others yield, I really do not know, we seem to be secretive about this Gu Gu is saying he Warren Buffett 20% annual rate of return and become the worlds second largest money, speculation industry The top people have experienced multiple bankruptcies, said: no one can beat the market, we do transactions for the rate of return, how much should be expected, is also a bit troubled I can only say some of my understanding of my past, a year of earnings about three or four times the way, but only a year or so, really do not know how the future and, due to the frustration of these years, personality change, and now, just want to use a very small A part of the money, to do speculation industry and 10,000 to 30,000 can, 1 million can not necessarily become 3 million, so it will not be 1 million to 3 million, 3 million to 9 million such a geometric fission of money heard how much yield others, immediately do a geometric multiplication in the heart, calculate how much money this person 10 years later, is not realistic each person has each persons asset arrangement, each person has each persons life trajectory I Sometimes I think, if I had 8, 9 years ago, I would have had the ability now, but life will not be in accordance with my wishes on the cards, you want to come 2 when the 10, want to come Q when the A, you can only play according to the cards given to you by life I know people who do transactions, there are a lot of poor, rich and powerful one is not the legendary story of trading fortune, one is not seen, the second is that there are other ways to get rich. For example, selling books, selling software, fees to run classes and so on Some friends say that my approach is like a real-world practice, will mislead newcomers to add dead code I explain I do use some real-world practice but I never add dead code I am analysis, to come up with a direction of operation, and then in accordance with this direction, to build a test position because, I can not grasp the shape of the consolidation area, depth and time, consolidation may be a week, may also be the next minute I have my own signal to open positions, but honestly, I cant trust myself, but better than nothing, will not let themselves like headless flies to open positions there are examples of success at once, but also often the market continues to adjust, adjust down if a new bottom pattern, and, I judge the trend direction, no change, I will continue to open positions remember: the premise is that after analysis, the trend direction No change, just adjusting in the continued, so continue to open positions to open positions are in the adjustment range if the trend has changed, you are still filling positions, it is called plus dead code consolidation range within a direction to open positions not only in the correct judgment when you profit, even if the trend direction is wrong, the cost is also easy to beach low, because the consolidation period up and down, it is easy to the first loss single amortization if not up and down If youre not up and down, all the way down, that is, the trend has changed, it is necessary to open a position in accordance with the new trend direction Some friends say that after the loss of a position should first come out, and then buy down because of the consolidation range, the market is nonsensical crazy bull, I feel very difficult to come out and re-buy, for the technical and energy requirements are higher not for me or that saying, suitable for yourself is good not for you then good is not good right there is a problem Need to reiterate, before the breakthrough to increase positions, are light positions assume that $ 5000, I will only do a mini-single You judge the trend position firm, you hold a position and so on, if there is doubt, you also have the opportunity not to lose out a moment to buy, a moment to sell, or a loss on the stop loss, and then do, it is easy to lose again Position light position heavy, in fact, is not to look at the ratio, more importantly, according to their own economic situation, and psychological The concept of tolerance light position, for me is a throw away does not hurt, does not affect the mood of the concept of even a 100,000 U.S. dollars account, if the loss of one or two hundred dollars, you are also very painful, that a mini-single is not considered a light position On the stop loss, I have an experience: every trend market stop loss, afterwards let me be glad, glad that I quit early to pick up a life and every consolidation market stop loss, afterwards let me regret. Afterwards, I regret, because just stop loss soon, the market is back I do not know if you have this experience Q: Thank you for sharing your valuable experience 99% of the truth and I imagine the same, just listen to you say it, I believe more I do margin only 1 year, the first 3 months loss 75%, after 9 months (basically stable) profit 300% total for the year just to break even, profit 0%, the maximum 75% retracement as long as 10,000 people, one person win, that person must be I am confident that comes from the past decades of achievements in other industries but, you the following sentence, to me threw a pot of cold water many other industries elite and highly qualified personnel, in margin trading, are miserable losers @ H) If what you say is true, I am prepared to raise the requirements for myself: the second year net profit / If the maximum retracement, if not more than 200%, then quit because: 1. my time is very valuable, I do not want to take my time, to gamble on an unsure outcome 2. doing margin is too lonely, lack of social, which I do not like 3. margin and gambling is similar, is addictive occasionally gambling nothing, but long-term do this is not good I guess you must encourage me to quit, right?  A: You really think it will be successful, I will not encourage you to quit, after all, trading is quite interesting I can not quit a little I mean some young people who have not been in contact with the job is not good to find, the economy is not based, you want to do foreign exchange to make a living, or even get rich, I firmly oppose, this must be the dead end You are right, traders are more closed, more and more disconnected from society, this is very bad, this is also I do not want newcomers to join The reason young people should still be sunny, more and more social contact (although the community is not cute at all)] asked by: the owner to discuss the trend indicator parameters set up, in fact, I do not want to drill this bulls-eye, but some times really confused, how much level is defined as a trend ah look at MACD (48, 105, 36) and MA (250), the parameters set up a large all trend indicators are about the same, the role of the trend indicator is to define the trend ah look at MACD (48, 105, 36) and MA (250), the parameters set up a large all trend indicators Almost, the role of the trend indicator is to filter out the high frequency, leaving the low frequency wave, the frequency is the inverse of the cycle of the so-called trend, is the low frequency signal, oscillation is the high frequency signal how high the frequency is high, how low the frequency is low frequency it? This problem of understanding can only be a matter of opinion A: the beginning of the time, are fascinated by the study of different parameters of the indicator settings, East to West, in fact, almost macd I look at the default 12, 26, 9, I think quite good, but also reasonable macd in fact, also belongs to the category of averages, is the dialectical relationship between the 12 average and 26 average distance, this relationship to the average value of 9 as the standard parameters slightly different, the analysis of the market should be the same. Analysis of the market should be the same, you if different parameters of macd, look at the market came to the opposite conclusion, it is best which do not believe you said 48, 105, 36 I have not tried, feel too big before I also tried different time periods of large parameters set, such as 1-hour chart parameters 120 is 5 days line, etc., I do not know if it is useful, but I will never engage in these studies, too boring The problem to the simple research is the direction, and there is no panacea and the holy grail no matter what method is used, the purpose is to figure out what direction the trend is, and now about what position in the adjustment we seriously study macd12, 26, 9 seems to be after expert research applicable to any speculative market because the average of 12 units and the average of 26 units is not too long and not too short, if it is 4-hour chart, respectively, reflecting the speculative intentions of 2 days and a week, (26 hours is 4 and a half days, the foreigners almost do not work on Friday afternoons, huh?) These two averages penetrate the 0 axis, indicating that the two time periods of speculators agree on long and short views I have also seen 5, 34, 5 this combination, which is a combination of seeking a more aggressive MA5 and more stable MA34 relationship, 5 a little too aggressive I Personally, I prefer 12. If you look at the golden fork dead fork, the second combination should be earlier signals, because more representative of the radical force but if you look at the pattern, the latter is more accurate and smooth but the above study can not be too serious to consider all aspects of the questioner: Oh, a little interesting, 12, 26, 9 I think the reverse from the daily chart because the previous is a week of work 6 days, 1 month 26 working days 12 and 26 that is Two-week average across the monthly average of 9 a little strange, do not understand may foreigners have a few afternoons to drink afternoon tea hee hee now whether to change to 10, 24, 7, that will look at their own cackle I think the MACD essence and MA the same, just smoothing a little, the parameters should be able to adjust to fit their own use of course, as you say, no matter how to adjust, the general trend will not reverse Q: strange I feel that I am LONGGBP/JPY, is last weeks thing, is currently also a shallow set of a little good in the position is very small, almost negligible, I have been afraid of risk, but always want to do GBP/JPY this currency pair, so sometimes will try to agree with LZs point of view, combat has a full set of deployment, to have the follow-up troops support and supply so that the general direction to see the right to withstand the small A: The best way to start is to do the EUR CHF, avoiding the GBP, JPY, fork plate theoretically are chart technical trading, should be the same thing but the difficulty is very different individuals have personal preferences, looking for their own good currency pairs, can not see the hunting heart, can not look at other market big money on the anxious I have done everything, but I usually only in the EUR I have done everything, but I usually only in the euro and the Swiss franc on the heavy position to do, but I did see in foreign forums on the master specializing in stick day, profitable Q: about stop-loss settings, I also do daily, weekly, generally do not change their views on the direction is also a very wide stop-loss settings to avoid accidents, but the premise is that the floating win situation because the style is more left, so the entry, the stop loss is not large, if Europe and the United States, most will not exceed 100 points, but will lose and make up, and then lose and make up Once the position is successfully established, and the market as expected may be going trend, the stop loss will be wider and wider, 500 points is also normal if the floating win is only 200 points, the stop loss is about 200 points, not to close, but since the left side of the entry, then the pullback should not be too much when the first wave is finished, due to position adjustment, usually the position has been relatively safe, stop loss Set the natural can be larger Feel that the owner is based on the daily to do 4H, or belong to the shorter short term, and should belong to the homeopathic type, this entry is usually very small stop loss, the limit will not exceed twice the average value of the 4H large fluctuations in recent days and set 500 points should be just to prevent major accidents, and did not set a stop loss the same meaning A: look at the daily weekly to do a real good, Im afraid the margin is too large my own most I like to hold a position period of 3 days to a week, 4 hours trend is suitable for a long time is also a little uncomfortable to try to see the daily weekly line to do a single, a little suffering, oh but this is also different from person to person (can not see the problem, the former post back) I said there is no v-flip, the market changes will always give you the shape or cite the example of the euro daily line, last Friday fell from a daily perspective without signs, Monday and Tuesday are a little blurred, that we must wait patiently, do not understand do not necessarily force themselves to understand, wait two days will understand now the euro daily slowly out of a pattern, if down, is a head and shoulders top, consolidation and up is the rising relay pattern, as long as we wait will always reveal can let us seize the opportunity to bet seems to have been statistics, the most common pattern is the head and shoulders top and head and shoulders bottom Indicators I look at the average, the macd, kd, william, rsi, but only macd is a must see, I pay more attention to the form, such as the markets head and shoulders pattern, macd divergence, those few indicators will also form some form, the opposite of the golden fork dead fork is not very important, is the second place this is purely personal preference, as long as you look at the indicators can give you a directional understanding on the line, there is no magic bullet do 4 hours is of course 4 hours Hourly but must look at the daily support or not 4-hour charts want to do short, but the daily chart does not have any signs of adjustment, do not do the simple can not be simpler seems to be a lot of people many books are introduced in this way Q: Please teach the owner, what do you think is the most important in a successful trading system?  A: position control, adhere to the trend Q: please teach the master, I am looking at M5-M30 to do short term, my combat ideas want to wave theory (only 1-3 waves and C waves) as the basis, to the average, MACD, and KD to build the technical part of my trading system, and finally is a lot of, high-intensity simulation, the middle of the occasional real position, please ask the master whether I have a way out of such ideas? (Trend trading stop loss I can not grasp and bear), thank you!  A: I believe that all roads lead to Rome, but I feel that the trend is not stable for a short period of time, your 30-minute trend must be verified with the 2-hour chart or 4 hours only 30 minutes is difficult to grasp the trend trading is difficult to bear, but also to bear, this is a self-transformation process can be a small position Q: a simple question, the owner is not from the short term transition to do the medium and long term, if so, please advise, the transition process What do you need to pay attention to in the transition process? How much time did it take to make the transition successfully?  A: I have actually been analyzing the daily chart 4-hour chart, but it is true that the original position is not enough, trading in accordance with the 5-minute standard position, did not implement their own analysis of the transformation process I was with 4 years, you may be 4 months, it may be 40 years Q: The owner of the good, I want to ask about the learning aspect and the system 1, although the technology is not the decisive thing, but as a basic knowledge, but it seems to be necessary. Still seems necessary, but is it necessary to learn all techniques? Trend theory, Dow theory, Elliott wave theory, Gann theory, candlestick theory, do they all need to be studied in their entirety? Personally, I think familiarity with candlestick charts and Murphys "Futures Analysis" seems to be roughly enough, please correct me. 2, for the system, at first I think the existence and sacred, but now I think, rather than a system, rather than a vague operating system when doing stocks before, I have seen a variety of systems, but the system without the future function must lag, and indicators can continue to diverge after the divergence rather than looking at indicators, rather than The system is not equipped with a future function, but the indicator divergence can continue to diverge.  3, for newcomers, short and long term is a little unclear, just started to do intra-day short term, a period of time found busy or loss, so I want to learn the medium and long, after a few days understand that I took the swing as the medium and long, so now the direction is to start from the daily or short term to do swing, I do not know if this is the right way of thinking, please teacher guidance! Thanks a lot!  A: The basics, of course, to look carefully at Murphys on the very good, very classic do not have to look at all, but before deciding what theory they accept do have to look more, and looking for an object, like ah, before the final choice, dating may be dozens of times I just can not look down candlestick theory, how hard to look down, but not that useless, I do not understand, or I do not understand the indicators can not be too superstitious, the indicators are to help you analyze the market The indicator is to help you analyze the market, just like various economic reports in society to analyze social housing prices, you will come to a conclusion through various reports, but can not rely on a report to speculate on short term and long term depending on peoples habits only acute people may 15-minute chart are long term principle is to adhere to your chart, adhere to your analysis of the chart of course to a large level of time icon verification such as my analysis of the 4-hour chart is rising in the daily chart agreed to rise, that my task is Operation of this wave of 4-hour rise Netizen A: post good, lz seems to be a veteran, there are a lot of places to learn from, the newcomer should have a lot of help (such as the need to set a stop loss, according to their own character and the way to do single main do relatively flat trend of the euro and Swiss franc, very agree), should say also earned a part of the money, just talk about stable profit is too early, you can say that there is no stable profit at all, just Because of the light position (similar to the real market), the capital is not very big, also understand some trade-offs, psychological control is also okay, the stop loss is great, there is a great chance that in most cases can make money but the trend consolidation judgment, subjectivity is great, the transaction itself is very subjective and arbitrary, encounter special market conditions, coupled with a small deviation in psychology, and finally it is difficult to say that there are good results, and this situation is bound to I encountered, so far from stable money is still relatively far words may not sound good, the pursuit of stable profitability should understand, if many people oppose, I will delete the senior A: you say, stable profitability on margin trading, I better not say this, otherwise, I have long turned to other investments, but also to buy a house to buy stocks what you said you used a similar approach, tell the old brother later experience good I in the trend gradually clear, will be a large dose of gradually increase positions, this is where I profit every single at least 10 times now once the breakthrough, and they have a heavy position, to be honest feel quite cool no matter what practice, my experience, is to follow the trend, looking back at the review, each big trend, have their own positions in it now more or empty discussion, have around, are not interesting The market is clearly an adjustment market, a month later look back, where is now considered what the market? The profitability of the capital curve is not 45 degrees upward, very similar to the market, hovering for a long time, and then suddenly rose another order of magnitude, and then shivered hovering for a long time, and then quickly pulled up to another order of magnitude Netizen A: the main rule, for technical analysis to learn a 1, 2 years long enough, the key is to determine the rules of their own trading system, in the real understanding of understanding this truth, spend a 2 years should Count is the least la, and then seriously do a good job of regression testing, so there is no way to do back-testing of the system, it is best not to, so that the problem is very big this step is not easy, it can be said that it is very difficult, the character of the apes is absolutely no hope Do your best to minimize the subjectivity of the transaction, you can leave some, such as the judgment of the pattern, this may only be subjective judgment, but for example, only after the close of a certain cycle, the After a clear signal of a certain indicator to do a single, this can not be in the k line not closed when the single, this is just an example of reducing the subjectivity of the retracement and the consistency of the transaction, there are great benefits Finally is to do a good test, strict implementation, know their grasp of each single, and then do a single, because the market will not simply repeat, may change, but once strictly according to the system to do a single, but found that the efficiency and the previous produce a large deviation, the market may have changed, an extreme example: for example, the system is established, the signal is very little, the profit and loss ratio is 1:1, the success rate is very high, reaching 90% (ideal assumptions), but do less than 10 single, has even lost 2 times, that indicates that the market may have changed this time generally need to immediately stop operating, after a period of time in doing, the market will come back ps: lz the method I Ive done it before, I can say that the character is good, small capital (does not affect their lives) can still make money, just talk about stable profits is really not enough Netizen B: ask the experts, simulation should reach what level to enter the real position operation?  Netizen A: First of all, I am not a master Then, I think the simulation is useless, you must use real money, but you can use a very small, such as a few hundred, in the platform can open 1k or less slowly small single volume to do Because, away from the psychological, simulation trading has little value, and the vast majority of people, at least 90% of it, is from the beginning to the end also can not pass the psychological off, so teach people to fish, rather than discourage, well said Netizen B: simulation no value I disagree with this point, I have seen a world-class master said, with the right trading ideas to constantly refine and improve your trading system, even if it is a simulation of trading, but also to achieve good results and a good sense of the market I am talking about simulation is the process of finding and improving the trading system, you said 90% of people can not pass the psychological barrier is actually two things, I understand, if a person can not pass the psychological barrier I understand that if a person cant pass the psychological barrier, it is generally the following situations: First, there is no correct trading concept and ideas, do not understand the philosophy of trading, second, there is no formation of a stable and profitable trading system, or not enough trust in their own system after a long period of testing, third, capital pressure, borrowing money, loans, etc. to speculate on foreign exchange is the biggest psychological problem Netizen A: can keep a different point of view, simulation has no value just my opinion, do not have to mind the simulation with The difference between the real position, significant data when the simulation is always normal transactions, the real position may slip tens of points or can not be traded Former A: Theoretically, the simulation of the position and the real position can be exercised as well, but the problem is that 99% of people can not be no economic value of the simulation of the position, to maintain a long time of interest and serious attitude, the more casual I do is to use a small position of the real position practice out, because I am serious about the simulation of the position, can not keep a month Above I know a person, it is said that the simulation in accordance with the standards of real money, practice for several years before opening the real position operation, and, after the real operation has been winning this kind of person character, should be very serious and paranoid, very people can compare this character, should be more successful, the average person do not need to be jealous, because the average person does not have the perseverance and endurance Netizen A: about the simulation, in a few words, 1, I do not do simulation, because do not think there What is the significance of the beginning is to use $ 500 slowly do very small single, the latter will not say, this account is slowly lose anyway, a few years ago 2, know a foreign exchange friend, do more than 1 year of simulation, can be said to be very cautious, the beginning of this year to get a real account of $ 100, less than 2 months, burst the position, the record itself does not have any merit, heavy positions, losses plus dead code, a fluke success, the last trend to see the wrong, dead carry to the end. Finally, the trend to see the wrong, dead carry the end, and nothing different from people who do not understand 3, another exchange friend, perseverance is very strong, very good patience, not ordinary people comparable, adhere to do 3 years of simulation, talking about the transaction itself, the system, stop loss, the concept of the head, it is easy to refute him, the beginning of this year to open a $ 1000 real account, the beginning of this month blew up, just 4 months time to do Trading record also has no redeeming features, heavy positions, frequent speculation, but not dead carry over, the middle loss is very large, but also rested a few weeks, and finally lost all Of course, I do not deny that someone can simulate success, and then the success of the real market, just as I do not deny that someone only buy a lottery ticket can also win 5 million, the probability may be lower than the lottery so, I think simulation is basically a waste of time, rather than look more Two books really And, foreign exchange margin real account, the size itself is also a big difference, like someone 200 can do very well, but 20,000 is difficult to say, which, mainly psychological factors, than a novice, the beginning of the imagination to be much more serious and simulation completely excluded the psychological factors, which is an inherent flaw, if someone wants to do to start foreign exchange, my first recommendation is not to do, the success rate is too low. Success rate is too low, if you insist on doing it, that is, start to invest less money to do, but do not do simulation (Editors view: the above views on the netizen A on the useless theory of simulation, I express my strong opposition! First, the simulation can test our skills, we do not cost a soldier, reduce the initial period of unnecessary money loss, often see many people have worked hard to get a little he thinks can win the idea, but there is no bullet for it to consume; Second, few will hear the real position on the mentality is the more practice the better, see often newcomers to the operation of the real position, the more bad emotions go, the less money to manipulate, until the violent position, if all attributed to If the problem is all attributed to the mentality, it is certainly not comprehensive, if the newcomer is given a very good operating environment, excluding the rich mentality, give him a share of the money, so that each of his transactions, are strictly controlled within the percentage, I think, the newcomer will not necessarily earn money, not after a comprehensive process, and want to earn line can only be extravagant hope! Moreover, the above-mentioned good environment, if you insist on two to three years, no winnings, the harvest is certainly valuable experience, about these experiences, can not reach a stable win, can not be generalized, and the same is the harvest of the above experience, with the simulation can be reached! If you must take the simulated money improperly, and if the seriousness of the simulated position, can not be maintained for more than a month, I can only say that a kind of self-forgotten I am smarter than others, I can be successful in speculation for a short period of time, the idea that you must get the reverse result! Windfall profits are not obtained, but a lot of bullets are lost! (Third, simulation can be better for traders, in a good frame of mind, slowly find a method that suits them, without spending a lot of money, so that time slowly on their own system testing, this well-prepared, is undoubtedly to the real position to provide a pedestal to win, as for the ultimate can win, that is the traders own thing so I am strongly opposed to the newcomer to the real position at the beginning, losing is real money!)  A: the degree of difficulty of foreign exchange margin, and the ability to kill, is the newcomer can not imagine my original a friend who does stocks, this person is considered a predator level, often joint sitting, seats often appear on the trading charts, investment experience is extremely rich the beginning of his year, to me to do margin, I said first light position to practice, two years later and then formal do he was amazed, completely do not believe that he such The level of people, but also need so long to learn two days ago called, said the first position has been burst Q: LZ tracking the trend of the method is what? Can you share it? My method is that the trend line plus a long-term average A: I completely with the traditional approach, nothing new pull up the top, higher than the last top, adjust the low, higher than the last adjusted low, is the uptrend characteristics is the mean multi-headed arrangement, visually up, macd generally speaking, should be above the 0 axis operating requirements are, daily and 4-hour chart resonance in one direction Q: seniors shout single?  A: can shout single, but I said profit is a set of methodology and worldview change, not a shout single brought for example, my real position has usdjpy more single, and judge the uptrend is not over, this morning, I added a single more usdjpy, this single is now a loss, then I was if shout single, in fact, there is no point, because you do not know my portfolio, my combat intentions, I The follow-up approach, continue to rise how to do, how to suddenly fall you with a single may now lose money, may stop loss scolded me I do single, is to see their own recognized trend, stop loss than the average large, hold a position may be a long time, the average person can not do I do single, sometimes waiting for the end of the adjustment, sometimes because something to go out, or do not understand the magnitude of the adjustment and time, as long as the trend remains unchanged, it is very casual I said that the profits rely on the right combination, not a shout single solution I did more usdjpy this morning, but if the shout single what is the use? If you follow now is a loss in the but this more than a single is my plus single, I judge usdjpy uptrend is not over, or even just started, weighing the position, casually add a plus position sometimes is the end of the adjustment, sometimes is simply can not see the magnitude of the adjustment and time, sometimes because to go out for fear of missing, and so on various reasons, you do not know before and after the operating scheme, only look at the shouted single is very dangerous trading Profit, is dependent on a series of operations of the combination, can not rely on a position of the transaction I did a usdjpy single this morning, but if you follow the single is still losing money, if you stop out like this is sure to scold me I can shout single, but there is no time to do a single of the causes and consequences of writing a detailed, there is no time to track the follow-up operation, so shout single can be used as a forum highlights, but there is not much meaning Q :Please ask the teacher, for example, now E / U, H4 trend down, but in the 144 average line out of support, and H1 also apparently stopped falling, M30, M15 has started up, I see M30, M15 do should do more, please see this right?  A: do not have to look at too many charts, will be dizzy if you do 4 hours, just do 4 hours, if you do 1 hour, just do 1 hour, what the market are doing, not ah, where we have such a great ability if I identify 4 hours down, then 1 hour chart if there is not an obvious bottom pattern, did not let me have the idea of doing more than one single, I have been holding Q: Please ask the teacher my character is more impatient.1 The hour level is very difficult to operate. I can see that most of the winnings are large levels. Now very confused. In the end is to focus on doing ultra-short according to their character. Or change your mind to do a large level.  A: each have their own solution personally suggest you change yourself, very painful, but it is best to change their habits trading in the direction of the trend, each retracement, is the time to add or open positions trend can be analyzed, but the adjustment is very difficult to see clearly do not bother too much to grasp the details of the magnitude and timing of the adjustment, will make you very frustrated specific operational details indicator use and so on personal touch or That sentence, the trend to judge the correct, adjust the details of the wrong point does not matter, if the analysis of the end of the adjustment into a single, and later proved that the adjustment did not end, nothing, hold that is, or even continue to adjust the key to add a position after the trend is not wrong Oh but the development of things, as the development of the market, always will not be in accordance with your vision forward in the future will not become what you imagine now so as a child want to grow up, buy every day Ice cream to eat, when in love, want to always love each other not quarrel, when the leader before, want to be clean and honest in the future, to contribute to society, which thing can do it? Oh, all will change over time, it will not be Stop loss I am generally placed in the last finishing range of the high point (downtrend), or the last finishing range of the low point (uptrend) indicator parameters are not very important, do not be superstitious, can not take the parameters, you choose a larger good, so it is certainly more stable some indicators are only used to see the pattern, to help analyze, can not be used to operate I only macd think is essential, the other just auxiliary see I look at the average, macd, kd, William look at what indicators are not important, they can see on the line, can give you a quotation concept on the line If you can understand the analysis and operation are two different things, it means you are very close to the correct operation I feel very difficult to understand this truth, but one day you will find really so Q: According to the owner, that is, the stop loss Set in the rally high (downtrend) and adjust the low (uptrend) I have also tried, but once the trend is over, the profit retreat too much; but the stop loss is set too tight, a hit in addition MACD lag is very obvious, when the signal is given, the market already has a section, so the stop loss is sometimes set very large, the profit-loss ratio has been unsatisfactory, has not come up with a clue to the owner can Then explain in depth how to exit and stop loss?  A: This is more trouble to write, more experience yourself both to follow the trend and to protect the profit approach in simple terms, I am in the trend is very clear, no change, as said earlier, set a very far stop loss, very far, and do not set are similar, but must be set to prevent the biggest surprises But, when through experience and comprehensive analysis, found that the trend may change, if it is a 4 Hourly trend, 1 hour chart will certainly have a clear top, or bottom pattern has emerged, I will shrink the stop loss to protect profits but, no matter what, profit retraction of more than 100 points, are very normal and normal a trend market out, you can do half is a master Q: teach people to fish, rather than persuade people to go home A: This is so, in fact, most people should not put youthful energy in foreign exchange Margin 400 points stop loss, if in a daily level chart, is at least, for example, now the euro daily chart, the high point near 4330, the low point near 3787, the middle is more than 500 points If you do the daily chart trend, the euro down more than 500 points, or should do more, because the uptrend has not confirmed the destruction of my stop loss although set very far, but generally will not retreat 400, the 500 points out of the game, generally will come out of a top or bottom pattern after tightening the stop loss stop loss setting, is out of a matter of principle, that is, there must be a stop loss but the trend does not change, do not play stop loss everyone trading method is different, as long as the ultimate profit on the line, the method is certainly diverse There is also a problem, I do not know whether you know, for a sustained massive profit account, you are being The secret calculation, others 100 points stop loss, not hit, but profitable account, it may be hit to stop loss because, this is a speculative market, is a casino, your profits make some people upset so I have to hide far away Do foreign exchange, do not want to say too much detail everyone different situations, different practices, do not be too drilling details, because, even myself is also very casual operation I believe that a person has a set of ideas and After the methodology, spontaneous operation is also in line with the principles, this is what Confucius said, with the heart does not exceed the rules, (Im not 70 years old, ah, huh not so old) I just in 6078 with a small single pound empty, because I feel the 4-hour trend down, not yet the end of the stop loss has not been set, even with the stop loss, it will be relatively small That said, I may also be at any time in the 4-hour chart or 1-hour chart appears bottom pattern or reversal pattern after doing more single, because I feel that the daily or uptrend principle is in line with your trend analysis, let the transaction reflect your market analysis, stop loss and position to reflect the ideas in your head as to say a trend in the high point first out, adjust the end of the low point and then go in, which is not the average person to do, can not be demanding huh out just come back to find and entangled in the details, online typing Expression would have been unclear, and everyones personality has different, it is easy to form a pen war normal normal said stop loss, I just say my practice only I am also because I was wronged, the error of playing too much stop loss, so, deliberately set up very far, because not set up a stop loss, is certainly not right, so, I sometimes even deliberately set up on 500 points stop loss, but this is in my practice when I determine the trend will continue The actual operation, there are many variables such as last weeks daily chart of the euro, theoretical stop loss should be outside the 500 points, but the daily shows that there is an adjustment requirement, and the 4-hour chart formed a head and shoulders, I will tighten the stop loss to the lower edge of the head and shoulders, so that only less than 200 points In addition, this is just an example, I am doing the 4-hour trend, the daily trend, but also just an example, do not get too entangled  If the daily trend and 4-hour trend is the same, must seize the opportunity to do hard to do fiercely in front of a friend asked, the daily trend and 4-hour trend is not the same how to do now is this, non-US daily chart or belong to the rise, 4 hours belong to the decline in this case, I am busy not to do, nothing to do in accordance with the 4-hour do, but hold positions very cautiously, will not adhere to the trend position because, this opposite trend trend sudden change Soon, the reversal of the rapid last Friday I remember I did more usdcad, because the 4-hour and daily trend opposite, so I went to bed before closing the position, not as I said earlier as a firm trend position really people do not say my words do not act right I feel that the trend direction, is relatively easy to judge, but how to adjust, adjust the magnitude, adjustment time is not good judgment, that is, the entry point is not good to find I often also I of course have their own way of judging the end of the adjustment, but that is no way way, often make mistakes, it is not worth taking out of the shame but, I do not think it is important, I often build a position, found that the market continues to adjust, loss, but, if the trend is not affected, or belong to the adjustment category, will hold the position, and then adjust a section after continuing to build positions, the most is to build three bottom positions. I wrote all these things may be too general, specific techniques and experience, you need to figure out the teacher in school to teach you civilized, modest and prudent, hard-working and brave, and so on virtues, but how to reflect your work Of course, if you can already profit, do not read this post at all, there is no point, each person practice is not the same, as long as the profit on the line, do not learn from the hand of the original their own characteristics are lost If the direction is right, the bottom position has a very stable profit, the pressure to increase the position is not very large, but increase the position or one by one, not a look at the money to increase the position you should never expect a operation out of poverty, and do not let an operation lose money you can not afford I remember the most once is the account there are 50,000 U.S. dollars, opened 6 standard single but add twice after usually to reduce the position, but also gradually reduce the position, and finally adhere to the bottom or top position is usually still a single or two Oh, in fact, the truth is that some, can be seen in the essence of the area, just like my age of this run four, found life gain and loss experience and lessons, teachers and parents have said many times but you have not had enough of that crime, you will not understand as long as there are still other jobs, other directions of development, young people, do not indulge in foreign exchange trading, it is easy to make unrealistic illusions you if in other professions, pay the same obsession and effort, the possibility of your success will be much greater this industry, success and your efforts are not related The companys main goal is to make sure that the companys products and services are not too expensive and that they are not too expensive. In a week or more, a lot of experience has proved that only in accordance with the trend of a direction to do, the chances of winning are greater Some people say, retracement of 500 points why not do short, and then the low point to redo more, more than short to catch, in fact, is an impossible task we sometimes have to let the past 500 points, and then, waiting for a 50-point operation in line with the trend of the opportunity My understanding is that we can only do we can understand the market, only do a regular Can follow the market adjustment market, is a nonsensical mad bull, it is difficult to grasp, do not do is a safe choice for example, I never do without any omen v-reversal, no matter how big the market I do not do, because can not see the good thing is that almost all the real flip, there is a head and bottom pattern, without any omen v-flip, almost never see the world interest is this, there are gains and losses, there are for and not for, can not be anything good is yours. This is just my personal method of operation, not to say that this is the only way to profit someone can not afford such a large stop loss, it is necessary to solve their own, there must be a solution but, look at the trend, but was knocked off the stop loss, watching the market go away, after all, is more unbearable in addition, do 4-hour trend, stop loss or rollover to close the loss of profit, generally in 200 points The most important thing is that you should use a calm mind to look at things you dont agree with, and there is a lot of room for some single practices, not in line with the textbook approach, and even not in line with my own principles of single, but the theory and the actual is always difficult to agree, replay will let people do not know so the above is a speculative foreign exchange expert to share their own stable profit method for many years