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The status of technical trading

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  Technical cashback ForexrebateforExnessexexness Forex rebate for Exness either a system of speculative trading or a means of livelihood for those who might have been astrologers if they had been born in the olden days The latter view is the first article of faith of the dominant efficient forexrebates school, forexcashrebate discussion of cashback forex trading, even a very small description of it and its use, may invite the danger of ecclesiastical excommunication from efficient markets The most widely accepted form of the efficient market hypothesis is the hypothesis commonly known as the random walk, which asserts that past prices do not reveal any information about future prices, and that this hypothesis is tantamount to the inference that technical systems based on past prices are Unfortunately (and fortunately for those who have done so successfully), there are still many investors who are not swayed by the efficient market argument who, even if they are not using pagan rituals to divine the future through the bowels of historical prices, still insist on using irrational methods perhaps simply because of luck, but the two-dimensional world of technical programs that some use to obtain their own satisfactory profits. Programs generally view the world in two dimensions: price and time. There are also trading rules that include more market data, such as fractional trades or short positions. Of course, adding these additional variables is not likely to weaken the power of the system, but if it is true, as some technicians claim, that past prices are a true reflection of other relevant information in the market, then these additional data are adding to the problem (interesting In any case, the technical system based on price movements has been around long enough to provide fertile ground for profitable trading strategies. The first, and by far the most widely popular, is the trend-following rule. The trend-following rule is designed to capture market turning points and the development of the main price directional movements in price movements. The second type of trading rule is the countertrend rule. This rule generates buy and sell signals from the sideways oscillations of a flat market and the countertrend rule can perform well in markets lacking any larger price movements. Determine whether the inspection is in a trending or counter-trending state Trending movement support system is designed for this purpose, this system can also be adapted for use as a counter-trending system One of the distinctive features of any technical system is the need for extensive computational work These computer programs ensure the analysis, comparison and optimization of technical systems, which is practically impossible to do without the use of computers & nbsp nbsp;