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The three major misconceptions of the technical school of speculation in foreign exchange are

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M cashbackforexexnessconception one: the wrong Forex rebate for Exness ForexrebateforExnessdicator forexrebates as technical analysis In the eyes of outsiders, when it comes to technical analysis, let people associate with technical indicators such as MACD, KDJ, RSI forexcashrebate so on even if I am in the school, but also often consciously unconscious of the technical indicators hanging in the mouth which is really a big misconception obsessed with technical indicators are broadly divided into two levels: 1, the primary level trying to find a once and for all The most depressing thing is that the signals issued by the technical indicators often fail. 2, the senior level after a long period of time, found that the traditional indicators are not high correct rate, and began to develop new technical indicators on their own like to discuss technical indicators on major forums and others, once you see someone has written a new The formula would like to analyze the source code of the formula through as if perpetual motion machines could not exist, there is no invincible universal indicators in the currency market. Having said that, what is the relationship between technical analysis and technical indicators?  Technical analysis is a superior martial art, but the essence of this martial art lies in the unique method, not in the specific martial arts moves, not to mention what weapons you hold in your hands, and technical indicators are the weapons in the hands of martial artists MACD, KDJ and other technical indicators are like the eighteen weapons, if you are proficient in all eighteen weapons is certainly very good, but and people fighting you bring one or two of the most skilled weapons on the line. It is not necessary to hang all over the body with swords and spears, know that you are a weapons pass, do not know also think you are a sale of weapons sadly, many people think they are technical analysis school of thought, not a good study of martial arts techniques, but all day obsessed with research and development of new weapons, and even exhausted lifes work Misconception two: the wrong technical analysis as science Technical analysis is science? Not science is concerned about the accuracy, rigor and correctness, how to look at the technical analysis and science is difficult to dip the edge rather than technical analysis is a science, rather than an art to technical analysis as a science of people, will inevitably fall into the misconceptions of superstition such people have two main characteristics: 1, just give him a K-line chart, he can pat his chest to say the next days trend, and even can say with conviction that a certain month of a certain day in a certain year can rise to 2, like to open a clinic store, ancestral secret recipe, cure all diseases no matter what currency, can prescribe what breakthrough buy, rebound shipping, plus a few sentences similar to the high distribution low absorption of nonsense, can also let the sick people listen to a daze of the hereby declare, this two types of people, not my school in the judgment of the trend of the movement of the exchange rate, if you can reach 70% of the Correct rate, that is one in a hundred martial arts masters of the speculation is frankly a game of probability, technical analysis through the study of history to make a judgment on the possible future trend, which is certainly by the limitations of the history will not simply repeat, therefore, the role of technical analysis is only to increase their probability of profit, and reduce the probability of loss if not aware of this, talk about technical analysis, can only be blind bullshit