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The use of foreign exchange margin trading deviation rate

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cashback ForexrebateforExnessexexness forexrebates margin trading analysis methods among the one called forexcashrebate Forex rebate for Exness, its use can help investors to seize the opportunity to rebound for more profit possible foreign exchange margin trading technical analysis in the deviation rate indicator for the trend reversal, especially for the plunge when to grab the rebound after the direction of deviation rate (BIAS) is to measure the degree of deviation from the average of the exchange rate. Indicator, when the exchange rate deviates too much from the average cost of the market, it will return to the average cost of history shows that whenever the general market or foreign exchange plunge, if the exchange rate is too far from the average line, the rebound or reversal may occur at any time, at this time only the deviation rate of this indicator performance for the most sensitive, most accurate and most practical to relative to the most commonly used 5 day average deviation, the 5 day deviation rate ( cashback forex), the formula is 5BIAS = (the days closing price - 5 day average price) / 5 day average price 100 for foreign exchange margin trading broad market: 5BIAS reached -5 below, to low absorption; 5BIAS reached -8 below, boldly enter the market, do not be scared off by the short atmosphere of the market for foreign exchange: 5BIAS reached -8 below, to low absorption; 5BIAS reached -15 below, to Resolutely buy, do not be scared by the continuous plunge in the market 5 day deviation rate is too high to send foreign exchange margin trading deviation rate not only has negative values and positive values above is the application of deviation rate for negative values, when the exchange rate due to too rapid rise and deviation from the mean too much, deviation rate for positive values, at this time to the high to send the main, and do not irrational impulse to chase high for the broader market: 5BIAS reached above 5 To pay out mainly on the high; 5BIAS reached more than 8, sell decisively, do not be confused by the markets extreme optimism on the foreign exchange: 5BIAS reached 10, to pay out mainly on the high, and once the exchange rate has signs of softening, the short term should be all out in short, in the face of continuous plunges first of all, do not be afraid, but to take the plunge as an opportunity to grab the rebound, because foreign exchange margin trading can buy both up, but also Secondly, when the market panic to irrational, to pay close attention to the 5 day deviation rate, once the indicator issued a rebound signal, we must seize the opportunity to boldly enter the market to grab the rebound, the short-term can get good investment income foreign exchange margin trading can use the analysis method is more, but any analysis method can only help us to make decisions and not completely determine the strategy, in addition to Technical analysis, there are many other factors to consider