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Theoretical basis of foreign exchange investment spread trading

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Th forexrebates article cashback forextroduces the spread Forex rebate for Exness cashbackforexexness ForexrebateforExness knowledge foreign exchange trading system, in the world common in the order transaction, direct click trading forexcashrebate inquiry trading these three and before the emergence of margin trading, the traditional market of foreign exchange trading generally take the telephone, telegraphic orders trading, that is, limit trading, limit trading relative to the limit trading, limit trading, foreign exchange margin Trading is taken directly under the click of the spread trading small and medium-sized investors can only be taken by telephone to place orders or inquiry transactions, and so we place orders when the market may have been completely different, which will undoubtedly reduce efficiency and miss the opportunity of e-commerce, especially in the network trading platform design increasingly mature, specifically designed for ordinary investors network operating platform can make the investor himself directly manipulate the market Click trading so, margin mode of network speculation is also a revolution in the means of trading spread trading is gold and not delusional according to the Bank of China Zhejiang Branch monitoring records show: there is a Wenzhou customer, 3 million U.S. dollars, a days time to show the almost type of trading he from 8:00 p.m. to 12:00 p.m. This 4 hours a total of 8 times in and out, each time the use of 300,000 U.S. dollars in margin, a day to do The client used the spread trading to enable himself to flash in and out in a space of little volatility, frequent in and out, both long and short, counter-accounting for the high and low suck The client actually made a profit of more than $600,000 on a volume of more than $26 million that day, accounting for 20% of the entire investment capital This is unimaginable spread trading for live investors and those who are greedy enough not to sell. The cocktail of foreign exchange investment theory of the technical base and the so-called cocktail of foreign exchange investment theory, the first thing is to talk about liquidity, and then the currency pairing and hedging because of foreign exchange margin trading can do both long and short, but also in a currency pair at the same time long and short, which will provide a very good technical platform for our investors to buy and sell, buy and sell fast cocktail of foreign exchange investment theory is the most stressed is to control the risk, because risk control is to achieve long-term profitability of the base of our capital is hard to come by, any disregard for the risk of investors will fail, and the most effective means of controlling risk is to short term trading, there is a spread even if you win!