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To learn to trade forex you must trade frequently!

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In the learn cashback forexg Forex rebate for Exness forexrebates and doing trading stage, the requirements for many trading content forexcashrebate different, including the requirements for whether cashbackforexexness trading is different trading is a study of understanding the virtual, ForexrebateforExness also a study of practice in the learning trading stage, the concept must go through a lot of practice, in the interaction of the two to promote and upgrade, and finally form a successful trading system that blends the virtual and the real into one, into the doing trading stage, by operating Trading system to make money can be seen, in the learning trading stage, must be frequent trading, without a sufficient number of trading practice, it is impossible to learn to trade, even if you have memorized the trading concept is useless to learn martial arts first of all to practice basic skills, "practice martial arts do not practice, to old an empty" learning trading is the same, the basic skills can only be through frequent trading If at this stage, emphasize that you can not trade frequently, do a large trend, a year to do a few, a lifetime is impossible to learn even if you give you a mature trading system, but also simply will not use, like giving you a copy of "Analects", you can not become the same Confucius learn to trade stage is to trade frequently, the purpose is not to make money, but to pay tuition to explore the construction of trading systems this stage is to lose money, but also can only lose money, but not for nothing, is purposeful, step-by-step, rewarding, progressive loss only frequent trading, will have the effect of learning after successfully establishing a trading system, should no longer frequent trading, but should be timely over to medium and long-term non-frequent trading most successful people eventually gathered in this trading frequency stage short term frequent trading is possible to make money, but the human physiology and psychological decision, few people can always Through frequent trading consistently profitable it is best not to think of yourself as a short term expert such a small probability of special talent, to go in the direction of large probability to be much more reliable so, learn to trade phase frequent trading, is to do trading phase infrequent trading