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To speculate in foreign exchange often explode friends say a few words!

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see some friends bursting, very sorry ForexrebateforExness deplorable! Here, talk a little bit about my lessons, it forexcashrebate very deep to me, but also very memory of the initial dainty performance to cashbackforexexness the real cashback forex, simulation plate luxury results, full of confidence to kill the margin, a month to earn 40,000 U.S. dollars, the results, confidence is more inflated to the extreme, the next month, Oh, Forex rebate for Exness only profit loss, the principal loss of 30%, a painful lesson.  The reason is that the margin in the common problem 1, there is no strict control of the use of funds! 2, lose money to continue to add positions, in order to spread the cost, always believe that the market forexrebates turn back, will be retraced. 3, do not set a stop loss, their view of the market is too confident, do not believe that their views will be wrong repeatedly against the market action. 4 Always try to catch the bottom or catch the top, and too much to believe that a broken trend line, The so-called resistance position, on the pursuit of short or chase more, often do not wait for the market to stabilize down. Many, many, my experience book is a whole record of two books after a whole 3 months of time, only to see the immobile, or really itchy hands, with the smallest amount of orders, in their own belief that the very safe time to enter, do not seek to earn more, only to restore confidence. I think individuals also have their own personal operating style, some like to do long lines, look at the monthly line, sow some seeds and so on. Youd better combine your own actual situation, capital, technology, mentality, short term, medium term, long term, real, margin, etc., to choose the right operating style for you! I, a speculativeist, where there is an opportunity, where the money will pounce, will never be trapped in a place where the money does not move, the situation is not right, I will run, why do you want to work against the market? Why do you want to fight with your own MM? The straight plate is not sure, on the fork plate (these days I fork plate also earned more than 500 profit.) Fork plate is also not sure, just watch, wait. Perhaps, some friends will say, waiting and waiting, will take the opportunity to run away, if so considered, I think there will be two reasons, one. Want to catch the bottom or top Two care about the 30/40 points of entry opportunities. However, I will so consider, would rather put the eggs in a solid basket, and never put the eggs in the wobbly basket (if, put, played a few, broken a few, to grab a basket, do not wait until a basket of eggs are broken, played, only to regret). Opportunity did not seize, it does not matter, your money is still in your pocket, but once you do not catch, Oh, the money will go to the pockets of others. Therefore, each time the failure, each time the regret, should be firmly and deeply remembered in their own hearts. Do not remember todays lessons today, tomorrow still remember 80%, to the next week or the next week will not know where to go. Therefore, their own experience and lessons learned is best to use a small notebook to remember, as the saying goes, good memory is better than bad penmanship
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