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Wall Street circulated those golden maxims come and feel

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Forex rebate for Exness the United States Wall Street in the financial world, to survive cashbackforexexness ForexrebateforExnesscome elite, there must be something outstanding, not after eating lunch very cup of coffee on OK Wall Street, new people from generation to generation, each person hopes cashback forex h forexcashrebate existence can be left in history, a variety of aphorisms and aphorisms such as Rhesus number of Wall Street elite life golden aphorisms, as a way to learn to explore the value, meaning and attitude of investment in the world of finance 1, "In Wall Street, never forget to break your own back" forexrebates Credit Suisse CSNEXTFund co-head AlanFreudenstein2. "Be kind to everyone, because the people who watched you climb up, will see them again when you fall down Nothing is inevitable in the financial world, let alone the iron rice bowl" - brokerage BTIG Chief Global Strategist DanGreenhaus3. "The phrase "buy to open a position when the market is at its worst" applies whether you are investing in stocks, bonds or foreign exchange" - TorstenSlok, Chief International Economist at Deutsche Bank Securities4. "It doesnt matter who you know or what you know, what matters is who knows you" - Kelsey Deshkler, Head of Core Strategy, Credit Suisse Alternative Fund5. "Speak to people about market conditions and the economy, be clear straightforward even their parents can understand" - LizAnnSonders, chief investment strategist at Carlson Financial6, "to be the earliest person to work every day because no matter what has happened to the company, you have long been sitting in the company, the boss to You are at ease" -- Monica DiCenso, U.S. head of JP Morgans stock market strategy department7. "You cant have self-centered, right or wrong, as long as you can make money thinking" -- J.C. Parets, founder of hedge fund EagleBayCapital8. "If youre in it, dont be a good old boy" -- Barclay USA Credit trading COOBobDouglass (Douglasss first day in the trading room to work, his boss told him that this is a trading room, need to endure a lot, this is not the place to be a good person) 9, "Do not think that the company can not turn without you" - -JP Morgan Chief Investment Strategist KateMorre10, "When all the experts and forecasts are the same, what is really about to happen must be another thing" "Newspaper page A1 is full of long long, this time to consider short selling; C16 page about those that To buy bullish, and buy while waiting for the A1 page of the newspaper sings long" - David Rosenberg, chief economist and strategist at GluskinSheff, a Canadian capital management company11, "to speak the truth even in the face of power ", "respect others", "defend what is right" - David Wessel, director of fiscal and monetary policy at the Brookings Institutions HutchinsCenter Director DavidWessel12、"Driveforshow,puttfordough"(Tee is a show, Hu relies on the putter)This is a sentence about golf rhetoric, meaning that the swing pose is no longer beautiful, putt into the hole is the most important Mayo more than thirty years ago The first time to participate in a golf tournament, is because of a very short putt putt miss, that is, to lose he remembered since the beginning, "investment to see the details of the most important" - CITIC Lyon Securities analyst MikeMayo13, "control their own emotions, to be able to rationalize own emotions before you can afford to manage your money", "If you are not sober enough, you will eventually lose the opportunity", "Most of the things worth doing should be done slowly" - -Jonathan Wilmot, Head of Macro Investments, Credit Suisse Asset Management14. "Dont just think about being the best, there will always be people in the world who are smarter than you; instead, you should stay curious, learn with an open mind, and be open to the interesting knowledge in the market" -- David Schawel, Vice President of Square1BankDo you feel benefited from seeing this? Do you think you need to learn from these people in the world of forex trading?