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What are the important data in foreign exchange trading

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The important data Forex rebate for Exness foreign exchange are the following (1) interest rate anecdotal, it represents the monetary policy trends of countries, as an important means of regulating the economy forexcashrebate leverage, affecting the cost of investment in the national and foreign economies, profits, etc., but also affect the national consumption, investment and other activities, its impact on the exchange rate cashbackforexexness undoubtedly crucial so we should pay attention to the central bank of each forexrebates Monetary policy meetings (including market expectations and results. However, sometimes the market comes out with the opposite result when the expectation is the same as the result, cashback forex will be described in the future) One thing to point out is that sometimes, although a government does not indicate that it will adjust interest rates, as long as the market has such expectations, or in the case of other countries have taken action. The market will expect that country is bound to take similar action, so that the exchange rate of that countrys currency to produce significant fluctuations (2) employment (non-agricultural employment in the United States). As a barometer reflecting the macroeconomic ForexrebateforExness of a country, it indicates the current and future development of the countrys economy, which inevitably affects the formulation of monetary policy and therefore has a significant impact on the exchange rate (3) gross national product. It is the sum of all production and services of all sectors of the country in a period in monetary form, and is a comprehensive representation of different economic data, reflecting the current state of economic development (4) Production price (price) index. Shows the cost of goods production (changes in the price of production raw materials) on the future changes in the price of goods, and thus consumer prices, changes in consumer psychology} (5) consumer price index, which reflects the current price changes in goods, services, etc., spent by consumers, shows the state of changes in inflation, and is an important indicator for people to observe inflation in the country (6) foreign trade (trade balance), which reflects The country in a period of total foreign trade receipts and expenditures, that is, the currency flow in and out of the situation, the importance of this data on the exchange rate of each country in general quietly for Japan, the United Kingdom, the euro area, the United States (7) consumer confidence index, reflecting the countrys national bullishness on its economic development, foreshadowing the future changes in consumer spending (8) housing (construction) starts, showing whether the economy is in positive development (9) Personal income. Reflects the level of real purchasing power of individuals in the country and forecasts future changes in consumer demand for goods, services, etc. (10) Merchandise inventories, which indicate the pace of economic development in the country. (9) The Kaw Advance Index, which predicts the state of economic development in the future (Kaw Advance Index, which predicts the state of economic development in the future (Kaw Advance Index, which predicts the state of economic development in the future (Kaw Advance Index, which predicts the state of economic development in the future). This is not to say that other data are not important, but their impact on the exchange rate varies from case to case, for example, if there is an expectation that the central bank will adjust interest rates. More attention will be paid to the publication of price indices in case of specific market expectations or exchange rate fluctuations. Speeches, speeches, articles, etc. by monetary policy officials of the country in question or by prominent commentators, personalities or influential newspapers can also have a strong impact on the exchange market, especially during periods when there are no important data releases for each country.
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