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What are the misconceptions of forex technical analysis

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Technical Forex rebate for Exness forexrebates the study of past price cashbackforexexness volume data, the application of the simplest law of supply and demand changes in the currency ForexrebateforExness, to find and figure out a set of analysis of market trends, predicting future market trends in the currency market analysis method but for the introduction to foreign exchange speculation traders mastered some data or forexcashrebate indicators is cashback forex the same as the completion of the technical analysis, the following we will look at the technical analysis of what are Misconceptions Misconceptions a, technical indicators as technical analysis Above we said, can not be because the mastery of MACD, KDJ and other technical indicators think that the completion of technical analysis For foreign exchange traders, technical indicators are like weapons in the foreign exchange market, and technical analysis is the trader mastery of the moves, in the foreign exchange market, weapons and moves only linked to better trading in the currency market so investors Never take only the data of technical indicators to explore the currency market Misconception 2: Technical analysis as science Science has rigor and correctness, can be experimented to reach a certain completely correct conclusion, but technical analysis is not so, technical analysis is only an analysis of ideas, is a way to calculate the probability of trend, the probability is not 100% Technical analysis through the study of history to the possible future trend To make a judgment, which is certainly by the limitations of the history will not simply repeat, therefore, the role of technical analysis is only to increase their probability of profit, and reduce the probability of loss Myth 3: too dependent on the number of waves What is the number of waves? Although Mr. Elliott created the wave theory Mr. Elliott is an analyst, not a trader, his wave theory in the actual operation of the major defects Investors can combine a variety of theories to help themselves to the actual operation, but must not be obsessed with a theory, after all, the theory is too perfect, and not practical  
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