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What is a day in the life of a Forex trader Will it be replaced by computer automation What do traders say in the knowledge

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What forexcashrebate a days work for a forex trader? Will be replaced by computer automation? See what the forex traders on the top of knowledge say about Qiu Xiaofat stock forexrebates Many quantitative hedge funds already do ForexrebateforExness use human h Forex rebate for Exnesss to place orders, as early as 2006, a quarter of the entire forex cashback forex trad cashbackforexexnessg volume is done by computers Citation Algorithmictrading: Foreignexchangemarkets  alsohaveactivealgorithmictrading(about25%ofordersin2006). Eight years have passed, both software and hardware have made a qualitative leap, this percentage is definitely higher than 25% If I find the latest data I will immediately add not only foreign exchange, other assetclass market trading are gradually replaced by computers such as the 2009 U.S. stock market, 60%-73% of trading volume from computers As for FXtraders dailywork is how, or leave it to FXtrader to answer. Or leave it to FXtrader to answer it I will not babble;) Grandma Liu said the traditional manual trader of the cattle grandmother is currently in a domestic foreign exchange brokerage firm as a trader so I can only say how the domestic day is spent in the morning to the company to open cnn, cnbc, Bloomberg, newworld the several TV channels, the pair are live in plain English, of course, the source of information can not be waiting for TV live out, then the yellow flowers are cold, look at the TV is to prevent unexpected events (some news is usually channels can not get, such as the Swiss central 11 years announced to maintain 1.2 when the TV report than the website out of the news ten minutes faster) and then look at the plate (basically the road home has also been watching is a habit) to see if the days data has changed and then do transactions according to the system, most companies are required to day Oh and the companys black tea is very good, coffee, puffs, cupcakes are free, I and colleagues to see the boss is not in the time will drink wine in the office to eat chicken wings, blah blah blah when there are fluctuations is to do their own single mutual reference is no are mature traders, each have their own things trading to do a certain level will know that only a person calm down to do well! If the market is not very volatile, will also be the night karaoke or something, in short, not imagine so dull on request to send a photo, in fact, other answers have been sent in addition to the programmed alternative to manual this is not to worry, we are traditional trading, you can choose to develop the program can also adhere to the manual this no pressure, depending on the individual and the company idea I support the development of programmed, my ea continued to develop I think programmatic is not a very simple thing, personal system first of all to be transformed into a clear logic or it is difficult to achieve this is a major difficulty and then even after the realization, the later maintenance of regulatory upgrades more need your participation, because it is difficult for others to understand more than you so do not worry at all about programmatic replacement of people of course high-frequency quantitative trading is another story FokWayne options trader from sellside International investment bank foreign exchange traders perspective: the following is Beijing time 5:45 - wake up, watch the overnight news 6:15 - to the company, the computer is usually left open the night before, unlocked to check the various trading systems, took over the New York office order, continue to watch the overnight news, trading records, etc. 7:10 - morning meeting, sales exchange customer activities and trader exchange information exchange view, the research share the latest research report 7:45 - breakfast 8:00 - default trading open (although the foreign exchange market is open 24 hours, but generally this point only began to be active, but also divided into countries, like Australia and New Zealand due to the time difference will have earlier fluctuations) 8-11 basically trading customer order, control risk exposure and their own positions, etc., nothing to do when continue to read and watch News analysis, etc. 11:30 - lunch time, lunch while eating, staring at the plate, trading order at any time 2:00 (winter is 1:00) - London to work, the most active time of the day in the foreign exchange market began (London is the largest foreign exchange trading center) about 3:00 London received all the order, generally at this time the Asian trader can already be idle, look at the London opening, continue to manage their own position more than 5:00 - write endofdaynote, ready to flash every month there is a Friday U.S. employment data, traders will go for a drink and eat a meal back to see the results of the data release computer: now many of the previous manual work is done by the computer, including the customer order a lot of not too big we are thrown to the computer algorithm to manage, their own eyes on the big order can save a lot of heart The computer will eventually replace part of the trader, some products such as foreign exchange spot will eventually be traded by computer like stocks, but the traders market intuition, disk sense and other computer is no substitute for the general trading algorithm is simply to execute instructions, hedge risk, earn spreads but a good trader is to let his exposure in the transaction in favor of their own position so as to seize a greater volatility for the This aspect of trading also has a computer model may do, but many in buyside, sellside rarely seen and some derivatives products, such as options, electronic for the time being has not been very penetrated into this, although has seen many aspects of the trend, but the main body or voicetrade, voicebroker as the main body of some derivatives risk, at this stage The computer technology is still relatively difficult to control probably so much first Wang Xuanjun traders really good strategy will not be written into ea, only in the minds of bullish traders, once written into ea, ea algorithm will be uploaded, a few years later will fail, especially the top traders are not used ea ~ Ea as long as written into the code, then it is only a matter of time before they are targeted, thank you JodieTobeagreatFinancialAnalystTo become a professional forex trader, it takes years of effort, and to have a clear and consistently profitable strategy to support but the rewards of trading is also very worthwhile, they can get a high income and high quality of life, which is unattainable for ordinary people whether you are able to work in a well-known international investment bank or hedge fund work professional traders, or wearing pajamas, home as an office home traders, as long as the full commitment, opportunities are always everywhere in addition to setting goals, the control of the overall picture can be a good review of the current state of trading, and check their own stage in the exchange market trading mainly from 3 areas: 1. workflow table is the preparation should be done before trading, but also can be used as a trading The workflow sheet is the preparation that should be done before trading and can also be used as a self-check after trading; 2. Attitudes and strategies affect the performance of each trading day; 3. Personalities, as well as lifestyles that help or hinder profitability Determining market time Since the foreign exchange market is a very large and complex market, professional forex traders are usually targeted trading from biology and logic, which is necessary because Forex trading is constantly running 24 hours a day, so it is obviously impossible to keep a sleepless eye on the market. Professional traders will only choose specific trading hours and forex currency pairs to trade Take the US, most US professional traders start out trading EURUSD, USDJPY, and then choose based on the trading timeframe (time frame) of these major instruments Other currency pairs, usually containing other EUR and JPY cross currency pairs, or AUD and CAD cross currency pairs they make these choices carefully, and later may replace some of the pairs that have been closely followed, because they know that over-tracking the market will instead reduce the reliability of the trading strategy Euro price fluctuations start between 1:00 a.m. and 3:00 a.m. EST, so the U.S. Professional foreign exchange traders usually get up earlier than stock or futures traders after lunchtime in New York, they can rest, because the U.S. afternoon time foreign exchange trading volume and volatility will be much calmer this trading life pattern just and Europe, the United States of the important economic reports of the time period fits perfectly, but staggered with the Asian market, which also makes the global foreign exchange market every important developments will This also creates two other targeted trading options: 1. Keeping up with the rest of the U.S. traders, keeping a close eye on the activities of the New York stock market and the Chicago Board of Trade;  2. Adjusting the sleep cycle to wake up during Asian trading hours and ending the days trading activities early after sunset in the U.S. Regardless of which trading option is targeted, professional traders have to Fully engaged in currency pair trading, using strategies to do oriented to bring the maximum benefits of the market will inevitably continue to change over time, professional traders also have to adjust market patterns and sleep time for maximum profit After waking up on the trading day, the computer screen will soon be open, because during sleep, the currency market is still running and prices are fluctuating up and down however also Dont worry too much, because brokers are still taking good care of their clients funds, and trades are also set up with stops, even when the market fluctuates dramatically as it did in August this year due to the devaluation of Chinas yuan, and professional traders will check their exposure again at the end of the trading day to ensure that losses during the sleep period do not exceed the set risk tolerance Professional traders have a high level of knowledge about the economy and global central bank strategies, they know how the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), the European Central Bank (ECB), the Bank of Japan (BOJ) and the Peoples Bank of China (PBOC), the heavyweight financial institutions, can affect the currency market. If an important meeting does not fall within their usual market trading time frame, then they will often give up sleep to focus on the meeting with their first cup of coffee early in the morning, they will check the latest economic news and, if necessary, adjust their stops and existing open positions accordingly Since many professional traders will hold a large number of major smaller open positions for a longer period of time, time frames are now also becoming important. These intelligent machine traders are able to predict price ranges where retail stops are more concentrated, and these stops are easily triggered during less active trading hours or when economic data is released Trading day activity depends on the forex strategy of the professional managing a group of longer-term open positions Traders may also remain surprisingly silent during periods of market activity as they wait for key price ranges to arrive, which is different from intraday trading strategies that require fast and high-frequency operations Even so, these positions are still more concentrated during major economic and central bank announcements, and such periods require more keen observation than a look at the ebb and flow of price fluctuations professional traders will autonomously choose There is no such thing as a good time to end trading in a 24-hour market, but traders, as human beings, still need to stop and do other things to keep their lives in balance For professional traders in the United States, New York lunchtime is the most popular choice because it also happens to be the time when European stock At the end of the trading day, they need to look again at the days performance and find aspects that may have an impact on their future strategies and trading results. Some of the best trading opportunities lifestyle choices 24 hours a day in the forex market is tedious, the existence of a reasonable lifestyle is necessary to maintain a balance between life and work, to improve the quality of life so, many professional forex traders spend a lot of time to relax and exercise this type of traders know how to enjoy life, they will regularly let themselves Away from the trading screen to spend time with family and friends There are also many professional traders who even change from body to mind, quitting smoking and drinking, eating healthy, maintaining weight, etc. to keep their brains in a rational state They know that bad relationships between people can quickly affect trading performance, so they also spend enough time with their partners, parents and children to keep things pleasant Professional Forex traders will be good students of the global economy and central bank policies throughout their lives, and once the winds of central banks change, they immediately have a great impact on currency market trends, which has been proven countless times after the 2008 economic crisis They lead an enviable life at the cost of countless hours doing market observation and research Sleep deprivation is normal for them, until their trading strategies and risk They have proven countless times that they live an enviable life at the cost of spending countless hours doing market observation and research sleep deprivation is normal for them until their trading strategies and risk management systems are sophisticated and reassuring enough for them to relax from constant monitoring Thompson Forex Trader + Military How does a Forex Trader work? It also depends on the level they are at and the task environment to determine the excellent self-employed foreign exchange trader will be relatively free work is generally in accordance with their own effective and stable profit model to trade in the foreign exchange market, trading a variety of currencies this model includes many, time and duration, the purpose is also different its core is the main artificial trading system and artificial plus the design of computer intelligence Trading systems to make trading judgments and choose whether to execute something about trading systems, here will not say much about this is equivalent to a military tactics or a set of martial arts almost, each person has their own training and evolution about the foreign exchange trader will be replaced by a computer? I want to say from another point of view in the future is expected to a variety of institutions traders group will be lean, reduce a lot of the current Wall Street institutions also very early so now the Internet computer technology is very developed, lets say: a bank if there is a foreign exchange trading team may be enough, the team as long as the market, a variety of intelligence analysis to make a good strategy and trading procedures and monitoring Risk on the line, what other trading execution procedures is by the computer intelligence or artificial command to perform of course this trading team is a top elite group that means, lets say the future of the entire Bank of China so many staff, foreign exchange traders only need 20 may be enough, the 20 personnel composed of the group through the Internet computer technology is sufficient to cope with the entire Bank of Chinas foreign exchange transactions, then there is no need to expand the foreign exchange trading staff establishment This is a bit like the bank ATM access machine to replace the many savings windows in the 10-episode documentary "Wall Street" in the first episode ‘Money Sleepless’ in a brief description of how the computer program to replace the trader, in the movie "the phone" also shows the computer program According to various possibilities of things to happen is how to logically project and successfully predict the future of the superb ability, like the butterfly effect general reaction to the market, we are also in constant pursuit of this successful projection ability, is to predict the market in the future time period of various possibilities of trends and response laws, and how to benefit from this is a systemic thing heads of state think tanks, such as Obamas staff, and how to benefit from this is a systemic thing. For example, Obamas staff, national security adviser god-sister Rice, they are also run in this way, most institutions foreign exchange trader group is no exception, but in the trading market but can fully use the technical advantages of the computer to respond to the rapid changes in the market This may be the reason why institutions want foreign exchange trader will be less and less, they just need the best few people will be good, the other all can use the computer The future of human beings can have a stronger predictive mode of operation, that depends on how we humans evolve and develop after all, a thousand dollars is hard to buy early to know for example if there is a time machine, that does not directly subvert the market, or the future of global unification, the currency market may have to do to the outer planets think about it, wish you all a happy Chinese New Year, the year of the monkey and a big fortune luenbo I have been working in the field of foreign exchange trading for many years I have been in the field of forex trading for more than 5 years, automated trading development, from purely manual to fully automated to semi-automated so many years of insight is: let the program do the program is good at things, people do people are good at things there is no absolute, the only way to survive and stable profit is to test the only standard Chen Dongyang scofieldLTR quantitative fund manager is not quite sure about other teams, I am currently in a private equity fund to do transactions, the environment is more academic, because it has been fully automated trading, we focus more on strategy research, the core work every day is to solve engineering problems related to data analysis and backtesting, rarely to pay attention to economic data and news, but also rarely meet to discuss the problem, we have doubts are immediately discuss solutions, and sometimes even heated arguments 1-2 hours broadcasters work and ordinary programmers Almost as for whether to be replaced by the computer, depending on how you define the replacement, if you refer to the order, many funds are basically using the program to place orders, but the trading program is still invented by the broadcaster, even if the machine learning, but also need researchers to first build a good model, set the conditions to trade, the real machine can learn and self-improvement program is very little (similar to alphaGo). Only the top foreign teams have the ability to develop wave real foreign exchange trader is generally difficult to encounter must be an international person and a hermit those who speculate in foreign exchange and traders can not be called traders, according to a certain strategy to perform a certain section of the task, well... The highest level should be the overall responsibility, there is a certain philosophy of thought, design command strategy, so that different mods to lay out the implementation, and then find a lot of people from different sides to study the market reaction, and ultimately achieve the purpose of the fund growth of people there is another kind, is also responsible for their own, a person to do a lot of things, free to operate the funds, so that their ideas can The people who practice the high dimension of the foreign exchange market, mechanical automatic system can not replace people know it FXtrader is also divided into sellside and buysidebuyside situation Im not too sure, but should basically use the model to trade sellside traders job is mainly to provide quotes for the market, management of their own risk exposure and timely hedging Of course, according to their own judgment of the market direction to take a certain amount of risk exposure to gain profits, but on the whole, the term should be shorter sellside side of many traders are indeed replaced by electronic trading platforms, these electronic platforms will automatically go through the algorithm to match the purchase and sale transactions, and therefore replace the traders quotation work, but at present the real large amount of The G10 currencies may be more than 70% of the traffic is done through the electronic platform, emerging market currencies may account for a little less than the number of foreign exchange traders in large banks is indeed becoming less, on the one hand, the development of electronic platforms, on the other hand, the strengthening of financial regulation, but completely replaced by computers is not It is possible that the trader Li Wenhao, with 3 years of experience in foreign exchange trading, senior Texas Holdem player, 2 years of poker experience this problem, depending on what type of trader, is a personal trader? Small institution trader? The bottom trader inside a large institution? The top trader inside a large hedge fund? A good intelligent trading system requires a high level of mathematical ability, small institutions or individuals, do not have that capital to develop a good ea, so there is no such thing as alternative risk, because there is no entry ticket... Large institutions top traders are certainly not this risk, because even if the preparation of EA they will also be directly involved in the development, but the bottom of the large institutions traders, it is likely to be replaced, they just provide physical labor, the real decisions are made by the people above, so EA can perfectly replace these people, saving a lot of costs cn-sunjian forex trading can not rely on Machine, or rely on human intuition analysis, do not do 1 minute 5 minutes short, do not believe in opening time and fluctuations in size, at least look at the 1 hour chart, good at judging trends, capture the probability of profit points, entry, calm, hold the single, set a good stop loss, take profit, let the market give you profits but also pay attention to the impact of the big events in the foreign exchange market, big events before regardless of profit and loss must leave the field, otherwise it will be silly if you will do Limit single, you can hang two-way single transaction before the big event, earn some big fluctuations in profits, remember not to be too greedy, earn a good, dont make a bad loss - do a very tired people really not suitable for traders snow original foreign exchange I am using their own design EA automatic trading, but the stability is not good to replace the unlikely, personal opinion anonymous users although just do not do a few months, say their own experience it in the UK a small company to do Foreign exchange trading, just go in what do not know, after learning some basic knowledge, then the boss let me go to study martingale, basically is to write martingale EA contact quantitative trading (I know many retail investors are criticized martingale is looking for death, because martingale want to survive to come is likely to constantly inject funds, the average person (simply can not carry a single) and then developed a strategy to follow the trend of their own, back test is very good, but the actual test effect is general and then later, and colleagues together to develop a strategy of arbitrage (without any technical indicators, their own set of algorithms to find arbitrage opportunities, so unless there are blackswan, generally do not care much about fundamental analysis of a currency pair in the end is up or down), the logic is very clear, it took several weeks to write the code I think a more complete trading system, and then demoaccount try for a long time, the results are very good, to run on the real account so now the daily work of the state is 9:30 to 10:00 in the morning to the company, adjust the parameters, the EA hanging, look at the calendar, there will be a regular meeting in the morning, each responsible for a country or several countries of the days news, there will be a dedicated integration of daily All the marketupdate I have never manually placed an order in the real account, basically just hanging EA, but also do not need to stare at the plate, there bignews consider whether the EA off temporarily do not do colleagues have manuallytrading words, indeed have to stare at the plate, sometimes noon news before buying a sandwich back then stare at it and then look at the algorithmic trading things. ready to develop new strategies (or mainly want to introduce machinelearning things it), basically colleagues or I have a new idea will hold a meeting together to rationalize the logic, and then I go to write the code, write out let them help me test, basically do not back test, direct demoaccount on the test, the logic is fine, run for a period of time you can first use a relatively small If you lose money, you can explain the reason a little bit, as long as it is logical, it does not matter if you lose money when developing the strategy (but also quite a sense of accomplishment), other times are actually okay, anyway, if you trade intra-day, you can adjust the parameters a little bit, and do not care about him, occasionally sweep a look to see the profit from negative to positive. The benefits, a year of 20 days paid vacation, this UK company basically have, other is the basic salary plus quarterly dividends it (just started in the industry, also understand so much) capital to see the snow is not necessarily, professional traders may go to work every day in accordance with the time, read a variety of news and information, some amateur traders belong to the technical school, do not read the news, there are doing Short-term also have to do medium and long term, personally prefer to combine the short term and medium and long term to do, the position is generally small, generally do not set a stop loss are manually close the position, the heart pressure is not too big, machine programmed trading is a big trend, but will not completely replace the human trading, because some people will be a means of making money, some people are used to this as a game of art. If you use the machine to trade will not experience the joy of trading, personally prefer manual trading knight forex independent trader will be replaced by the computer, I am now generally the morning comb the plate, lock the market, determine what strategy to use after different currencies, choose ea, the rest of the basic do not care many people always ask me to use the assistant, in fact, the assistant is very often add to the chaos of the road to know the horsepower to eat, sleep The EA can only simplify your cumbersome trading strategy, not directly replace the human brain work Zhang Cui Shan every day is endless backtesting, thinking, selection, these three parts repeat back and forth other is on the forum flooding and lobbying now lobbying is difficult, so more focused on the part of the transaction itself Computer replacement is the trend but you should not be anxious to try fundamental trading, this part of the program has a limited role