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What is Non-farm Payrolls

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I. What Forex rebate for Exness Non-farm Payrolls The so-called Non-farm Payrolls refers to the number of non-agricultural employment, employment rate forexcashrebate unemployment rate, which are three values and usually what we call Non-farm Payrolls is a cashbackforexexness indicator reflecting the employment status of the U.S. non-agricultural population Non-farm Payrolls is released on the first Friday of every month at 20:30 Beijing time (daylight saving time: April - October) Non-farm ForexrebateforExness data can objectively reflect the state of the U.S. economy, thus reflecting the direction of the U.S. dollar, while having a great impact on precious metals and non-U.S. currencies, and the impact of the Federal Reserves monetary policy Non-farm payrolls data is often in the foreign exchange forexrebates stirring the nerves of the majority of investors, major financial institutions have also been in the cashback forex payrolls data forecast in the face of the foreign exchange market complex market trends, the face of The market is flooded with a variety of negative and positive news, has been confused investors prefer to trade at a clear point in time to save more investment costs, and also brings the opportunity to obtain more profits II, the actual value, the previous value and the forecast value of the relationship between non-farm payrolls actual & gt; previous value & gt; expected, the U.S. economy is better, conducive to raising interest rates previous value & gt; expected & gt; The actual, the economy is in the doldrums, enterprises reduce production unemployment rate unemployment rate rise, representing economic development slowdown recession, negative dollar unemployment rate decline, representing the overall economic health development, good dollar above is only the usual operating principle, the foreign exchange market is very variable, sometimes the data is basically in line with expectations, but the market impact is limited, data super good or super bad may also be contrary to the above analysis ideas non-farm payrolls Data significantly better than expected sometimes but let the dollars safe-haven demand reduced, the dollar index fell; sometimes non-farm payrolls data unexpectedly weak may trigger risk aversion and market worries so that the dollar rally so pure economic data but also with the currency market, the stock market, commodities and the degree of market reflection and other factors to consider the three, non-farm payrolls data on each investors impact of non-farm payrolls data on foreign exchange is not a big impact for investors Each person, the situation is different, different positions of investors, have their own different choices, these and trading psychological quality is robust, etc. are related to non-farm payrolls data not only to see and the previous value of the comparison, but also to see and market forecasts some data released after the value is better than the previous value, but if it is much lower than expected, but still bearish also need more points of previous data and market screening on personal experience Judgment for the non-farm payrolls trading operation is also very important market is changing, and will not be completely according to the theory, investors need to learn more to observe
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