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What is the principle of the currency strength index used for speculation in foreign exchange

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When speculating in cashback forex exchange, foreign exchange investors always learn to use a variety of indicators as a tool for technical analys forexcashrebate of the foreign exchange market, Forex rebate for Exness a wide variety of technical indicators of foreign exchange, commonly used only a few of the following to introduce is in addition to KDJ, MACD in addition to a commonly used technical indicators - cashbackforexexness strength and weakness index currency strength and weakness index of the principle of what is it? What is the principle of ForexrebateforExness forexrebates Index? Follow along to see What is the Currency Strength Index?  The Currency Strength Index is a set of trading tools developed by Forex Wall Street, which monitors 6 major currencies at the same time and scores the strength of the currency according to its performance, the larger the value, the stronger the currency, 30M is the trend within 30 minutes, 4H is the trend within 4 hours The Currency Strength Index is a short term trend trading tool, the data is updated in real time and can provide a reference for opening positions The principle of the Currency Strength Index: The Currency Strength Index The analysis principle is to buy strong currencies and sell weak currencies; use the 4-hour Currency Strength Index to determine the market trend, and use the 30 minutes to find entry opportunities Global Goldcorp recommends that investors, to conduct foreign exchange transactions, it is best to choose the strongest and weakest currency to hedge risk, not limited to a currency pair, more a choice will be more a chance of profit Currency Strength Index Advantage: Through the 4-hour currency strength and weakness, it allows you to quickly visualize the currency trend. Strength and Weakness allows you to quickly and intuitively grasp the current pattern of the Forex market, and to choose the specific entry point, refer to the 30-minute strength and weakness.  But investors need to note that the data is only a reference tool for technical analysis, according to which the analysis is the investor himself, the investor should learn the analysis of foreign exchange trends, in order to better foreign exchange transactions