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What your future trading will tell you in 10 years (below)

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In 10 yea cashbackforexexnesss, a message from yourself  "Man, dont do so many trades, slow cashback forex down a bit!" / The first th ForexrebateforExnessg I would say to my former self forexrebates to slow it down a bit but dont be rough, I honestly see more people hitting their forexcashrebate accounts from simple trades than I care to admit I also indulged in overtrading in my early years Forex rebate for Exness I know how quickly it can destroy your trading account, your mindset and even your life lessons that are always there in the market, it can be the most expensive one you need to learn If you listen to me here, listen to what I have to say and implement it, you can go a long way to avoiding the pain and sorrow that comes with overtrading. This market has been around since the early 17th century when people first started using candlesticks in Japan to track rice prices so, except for the end of the world, the market will always be here "dont get your pants in a bunch", slow down your trading and realize that if you miss a trade, its not a big deal; if you have to wait months for a trade, its not a big deal either Whatever you do, dont rush to make money because that will be the thing that stops you from making money! Low frequency trading is more profitable than high frequency trading and I will tell you about it later. The saying "good things come to those who wait patiently" is not just a common saying, it is also a fact of trading. The trading market can show you its opportunities, so to speak, just be patient and when the market finally shows its hand, the last thing you want to do is not put money into the trade!   "Dude, trade with a smaller position!" / Next, I would say to my former self to respect and protect your capital, because it is the only thing that will hold you in this game In trading, your capital or trading money, is your tools and equipment, it is what is necessary to allow you to make gains Just like a doctor needs his medical supplies and medical equipment, you need your capital The thing that most initial traders underestimate or dont understand is capital preservation Maintaining your capital so that you can take advantage of the huge fluctuations in the market is one of the keys to long-term trading success Your trading capital is your lifeline in the market, think of it as oxygen, without it you cant "breathe" in the trading world, so if you dont maintain your capital you will die in the market when you start trading in real time When you start trading in real time, you have to do it smaller and over time, build a larger number of trades, because your trading skills and confidence will improve. This is a huge mistake  "Dude, please let the trade unfold gradually and learn to be patient"/ Dont interfere with your trading, be patient The next thing I would tell my past self is that I would emphasize the low-frequency approach discussed above and avoid day trading as an initial trader, which is hard to even realize, let alone accept the fact that trades take time to unfold gradually and usually take longer than we desire or expect so its easy to get into a game of constantly closing perfect trades early on and they have a chance to come into your favor and You are not allowed to avoid this, most of the time you have to let the market take you out, not take yourself out. I would tell my old self that markets often fluctuate and stay overextended in a direction that most people expect or think is possible for you. How many times have you thought or said to yourself "the market cant go on" and only seen it happen but not done it? Its a common beginners mistake that you cant do anything about the market and let the market and price movements guide you, instead of writing down stories in your head about what should happen the market doesnt care about what you think should happen, the market will What does it matter to you or anyone else in my early trading days, I wont tell you how many times I closed a trade very quickly and saw the trade end up being a winner, but just not for me. Maybe there is nothing more maddening than almost making a lot of money in life, but because you have no discipline or lack of patience, let it pass through your fingers! I would tell myself: patience and its brother self-discipline, in this game of trading we call the greatest ally In addition to mastering your trading strategy, you need to become in control of yourself, which means mastering the ability to maintain discipline and patience You must master these skills by any means possible These are mainly Cant teach what you just need to dig deep and do it!   "Dude, stick to one strategy"/ Master one strategy first, then add one-offs when needed to build your trading arsenal and produce a weapon but dont stray beyond your core trading philosophy and beliefs usually. A concept or trading pattern/set-up is enough to create a fortune for you You learn to trade with a concept, it makes you money, you move alongside it and strike while the iron is hot, and the pyramid goes into your position, especially during a winning streak What you dont want to do is stay confident and start connecting on new techniques and tools after you find something that works (many traders make this mistake) and then go from there Do something If you try to join too much too soon then you will end up overtrading and therefore become overly frustrated and overwhelmed Remember, like I keep saying, keep it simple and straightforward! You need to avoid temptation, which is hard to do in trading, but its necessary if you want to succeed... There are logical ideas and there are deceptive tricks, so dont be led astray remove confusion from all forms of decision making news and fundamentals rarely serve the short term trader, so trust technical analysis and price fluctuations as with financial markets, the world is more than most people think Simple, so stick to reading charts for price fluctuations and expect to trade based on that price fluctuation, while always properly managing risk "If youre lucky enough to find something good, stick with it, kid" Take a deep breath, life and trading is a marathon, not a sprint run / Finally, the most important thing I said to myself 15 years ago The most important thing I said to myself 15 years ago that applies to trading and life in general is that as we get older, we learn and gain wisdom and insight, which is really the hope of maturity Although Im still relatively young, Ive learned a lot now To be honest, one of the things I say most is that success in life and trading should be viewed as a marathon, not a sprint run Before you think about it But its very difficult for a child to really do that because children act mainly on impulse and feelings, with little planning, foresight or acknowledgement of the consequences of their actions. Traders who are not trained as traders or have no plans for the future but simply operate (start trading live) are about 90% of the clichés So, to my past self, what I would like to tell you is: "Take a deep breath my friend, it will all work if you just slow down, learn from others and think about the consequences your actions will have on the future Dont be in a hurry. The market wont go away, but your bank account will if you dont take note of this wisdom"