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Top 5 Most Profitable Forex Pairs to Trade

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In a volatile market like the present, the best currency pairs to trade are the US dollar and the Swiss franc. This major pair has a relatively high level of predictability and data. A minor pair consists of the New Zealand dollar and Swiss franc. This pair is influenced by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, and its value fluctuates with changes in the price of agricultural products globally. Traders with extensive knowledge of financial markets will find this pair attractive.

There are many currency pairs to choose from. You should choose the ones that are comfortable to trade and are conducive to the time frame you want to trade. Those with limited time may find that trading a pair that opens in the middle of the night is not suitable. Beginners should start with a major currency pair and then expand to other instruments after gaining a thorough understanding of it. However, this list is not definitive and is not an exhaustive list. It s a suggestion to make use of historical performance and popularity before beginning your forex trading career.

USD/JPY is the second most traded currency pair. The price of this pair varies with commodity prices and is often correlated to the price of dairy products. The USD/JPY is a highly volatile pair, with volatility and liquidity largely correlated to the price of dairy products. Despite its volatile price movements, it s still a highly profitable currency pair to trade. It s the best currency pair to trade if you have a large amount of time and are looking for a reliable and predictable source of income.

The EUR/USD currency pair is the most liquid and cheap currency pair in the forex market. Its positive correlation with the Swiss franc and the British pound is another factor to consider. Both currency pairs have strong institutional liquidity. You can see the major trading hours on forex market charts. You can also look up these hours in a time zone converter. The best time to trade these currency pairs is when the markets open.

Another popular currency pair is USD/JPY, or "The Gopher," which consists of the US dollar and the Japanese yen. While JPY is the most traded currency pair in the forex market, the USD/JPY is the fourth most traded currency pair. Traders can find buyers and sellers of either currency with ease and minimal cost. However, the AUD/JPY is the most volatile.

The EUR/USD is an excellent currency pair to start with. The currency pairs of USD/JPY are popular but can be risky for beginners. In addition, USD/JPY is known to be predictible and has low spreads. As with any currency pair, research is the key to success. Without sufficient research, you may end up making mistakes that can be easily avoided. A few simple steps will help you get the most out of your Forex trading.